Happy 7th Anniversary – LeVel33 (Marina Bay Financial Centre)

About a month ago, the bf and I celebrated our 7th anniversary at a stunning restaurant – LeVel33 at Marina Bay Financial Centre which allows you to dine with a splendid view, overlooking the most crowded area of the Singapore city.

7 years may seem like forever to some but to us, it certainly felt as if we had only knew each other yesterday. We could not believe that we have actually been together for 2555 days and counting! OMG!

Photo 8-3-15 4 45 22 pm


It was drizzling so we were seated indoors.

What we ordered :

Photo 8-3-15 3 29 41 pm

All-day Breakfast

I thought it was a tad too little for me and on top of this, unfortunately, a personal choice of egg was impossible. I am a fan of scrambled eggs and what is a all-day brekkie without this? 🙁 Had to make do with the sunny side up.

The mushroom could have been more juicer and tastier and it would be ideal if the bratwurst did not taste so ‘smelly’. I loved the crunchy salty bacon strips best! (Y)

Photo 8-3-15 3 30 28 pm

Photo 8-3-15 3 30 41 pm

The bf’s beef

The bf was a little disappointed as he was not asked for his preference at the beginning, but did not expect the beef to be served in a medium-rare fashion. The waiter politely obliged and acceded to our request for the beef to be cooked a little longer.

Apart from that, I must compliment the sauce. It tasted really special!

Photo 8-3-15 4 04 50 pm

As we were feeling a tad too full, we order a pint to share 🙂

Photo 8-3-15 4 25 30 pm

Photo 8-3-15 4 25 50 pm

Photo 8-3-15 4 28 29 pm

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake Oozing warm chocolate lava….hmmmm! To be honest, we were a little disappointed because the price for such small piece of cake does not seem justifiable. Think it was around $13? Can’t remember how much it exactly costs though 🙁

After the drizzle came to a halt, we moved outdoors for awhile to further admire the view and snap some selfies before leaving the lovely place. 🙂

Photo 8-3-15 5 16 55 pm

A panoramic view

Photo 8-3-15 5 16 16 pm Photo 8-3-15 5 06 44 pm

We requested for a waiter to snap a picture for us again.

And an impromptu #ootd shot in the restroom =x

Photo 8-3-15 5 10 30 pm

Price-wise, it was reasonably affordable around $20+ to $30+ per dish? Rest assured that they are nowhere near exorbitantly high prices. Accompanied with such awesome view and located centrally, the price seems some what more reasonable and quite accessible.

Customer service was initially frowned upon by us as we were served by a waiter who portrayed some arrogance and impoliteness. I was frankly a little annoyed, what’s more, it was supposed to be a happy occasion! With such customer service etiquette, I returned my curt replies with an attitude as well, hoping the waiter would comprehend our displeasure.

Indeed, I reckon he sensed it and toned down. After that, the tension eased and we felt a little better. 😉

To be honest, we did not spend much effort in sourcing for awesome places to dine at and LeVel33 was quite a last minute decision. I guess this is pretty much how most long-term relationship couples does it all the time, because every day seems like an anniversary day to us.

It is just like how people express the saying of “Everyday is Valentine’s Day”. 🙂

One thing to note about long-term relationships is that, it is not true that the “honeymoon period” is over, it is actually how you create opportunities to return to this “honeymoon period”.

There will ALWAYS be conflicts and arguments no doubt and each party has to accept this fact. When two different individuals, even with common interests and are on the same frequency, come together as one, there will bound to have differences in perspectives. And such differences will result in clashes and that is where conflicts surface.

All it takes is to C-O-M-P-R-O-M-I-S-E.

Since we are on this topic, I would like to address an issue which has been bothering me for quite some time. I have heard how people jump into their own shrewd assumptions based on an one-off incident. I won’t go into details but what you see is sometimes not what you get. But unfortunately, most of us are judgmental and that means to judge based on superficiality, and that guiltily includes me as well.

To aid you in your understanding. Let’s use an analogy.

Say for example, you chanced upon a plus-sized girl having a piece of chocolate cake. Do you straightaway jump into a conclusion that she is bigger size because she cannot control her diet and cravings, hence she’d asked for it?

Or do you take some time to consider, perhaps it was her birthday that day?

Or her size is due to genetic inheritance?

What I am trying to say is not to judge the book by its cover, not for any individual, not for any couple. Being a third party does not help you to fully comprehend whatever is ongoing behind the scenes.

Phew, what a load off my chest. Back to topic.

Even when planning for our future, conflicts are inevitable. It is not uncommon for couples to bicker regarding wedding preparations. Couples should accept the fact that there are times you may feel like giving up, but once you get things sorted out and the wedding is over, recalling back the times when you guys felt like giving up on this treasured relationship would seem ridiculous!

Yes, if you are sharp enough, you’d probably read it right.

The bf and I are currently planning for out future and yes, that simply means taking our relationship to the next level – marriage 🙂 As we prefer to have our privacy respected, we decided to keep mum about it, until only recently whereby we decided to let the cat out of the bag. Sometimes keeping things private does go a long way. Avoiding annoying questions would be easier too. 😉

Anyway, I mean it does not make sense going around to share this news, unless someone asks us which is only natural since we have been together for quite some time 🙂

So yes, we have been busying ourselves with wedding preparations recently and there will be influx of wedding-related blog posts coming up. So I hope you can bear with me:)

The only reason for the documentation of this wedding preparation journey is to provide more insight to couples who are intending to tie the knot. Even if you guys have no intention to, it would be a good read as a pre-emption to help you better understand what is expected from all these wedding preps.

From the very beginning to the end, I hope these wedding-related blog posts would help guide you and your partner along the way. To aid you in your wedding prepartion journey, I have created a new header on the top of my blog’s menu, alongside other topics of my blog, for your easy reference.

Wedding preparation can be a major headache but it is not impossible, let’s do this together! 🙂


As you go through the wedding prep journey with me via my blog, you will learn more details of our BIG DAY! 🙂

By the way, there were what we gave each other for this joyous occasion for our 7th anniversary :

His :

Photo 11-3-15 7 39 34 pm

Playstation 4 Bundle The Order 1886 Additional Camouflage controller

Mine :

Photo 11-3-15 7 03 18 pm

Michael Kors Large Selma Bag in Black

Cheers to many years to come! <3


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