Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!

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I know I know, I’m like a day late to be blogging about Singapore’s 50th Birthday which took place yesterday.

Nevertheless, I felt the need to pen down my thoughts y’know… *feeling pensive*

50 years ago, we were separated from Malaysia and were on our own, with very scarce resources, undecided goals and confused directions…we can be said to be ‘lost’, just like how a kid feels helpless and lost without his parents whom he has been relying on for some time.

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It is not my plan today to verbally vomit how great the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew was but there is one fact which we cannot deny –  the greater good which Mr. Lee has contributed to the nation building. He may not be perfect (who is anyway?!) and may not be politically/morally right in the actions he has carried out but it is an undeniable fact that most of the plans which he had spearheaded and goals he targetted for Singapore, has brought Singapore to attain all the achievements thus far.

This year marks a very special memorable year for Singapore as it reaches its 50th year of independence. To celebrate this joyous occasion of jubilee year, the annual National Day Parade (NDP) has injected extra effort and $$. It’s a pity that both the bf and I have not attended an NDP on 9th Aug itself but thankfully, we managed to snag a pair for 2 this year for the NDP rehearsal! 2 years ago, we attended another rehearsal too! 🙂

Photo 10-8-15 5 44 31 pm


I know I look kinda ridiculous back then because of the stupid annoying braces. I felt like I had bug teeth all the time! Also, my laugh lines were more obvious as well 🙁

Fast-forward 2 years later, this is us! 😀

Basking in the evening sun….

Photo 1-8-15 6 11 28 pm

Photo 1-8-15 6 19 21 pm

Photo 1-8-15 6 14 50 pm

Photo 1-8-15 6 20 08 pm

In fact, all of us were enduring the heat…

Photo 1-8-15 6 29 53 pm

Which was of course worth it la! 😛

We were seated at the Marina Floating Platform and although we could not witness the real-live performances in person, they were screened on huge LCD screens.

But the best thing about being at the floating platform was that we had the perfect view of the performances by the aerial planes and fireworks! I guess this must be the highlight of the NDP, which it always have been every year 😛

Apologies for the poor resolution images as they were taken by my iPhone 6…

Photo 1-8-15 6 37 06 pm

Singapore Artillery

Photo 1-8-15 6 47 22 pm

Photo 1-8-15 6 48 04 pm

Photo 1-8-15 6 50 25 pm

Photo 1-8-15 7 01 38 pm

Photo 1-8-15 7 02 46 pm

Photo 1-8-15 7 03 11 pm

Photo 1-8-15 7 03 12 pm

Photo 1-8-15 6 53 29 pm

And of course, special appearances of fireworks…okay la, not that kind of ‘special special‘ but it has always been the most special moment which everyone patiently awaits for.

Photo 1-8-15 7 44 11 pm

Photo 1-8-15 7 50 02 pm

Photo 1-8-15 7 57 44 pm

Photo 1-8-15 8 08 52 pm

Photo 1-8-15 7 45 29 pm

As this jubilee year is very much worth-celebrating and commemorating for, this year’s NDP had added extra visual feasts for spectators and passer-bys!

Photo 1-8-15 8 00 42 pm

Fullerton Hotel has the National Flag and other animation reflected on it!

Photo 1-8-15 8 11 31 pm

Ahem, I know you can’t make out what is that but they are actually our Singapore National Flag!

Photo 1-8-15 8 12 54 pm

Beautiful Marina Bay Sands having our National Flat symbols reflected on it!

Photo 1-8-15 8 00 46 pm

SG50 Logo shone upon Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum 🙂

This year, as the bf has upcoming final exams, we decided not to head down to the CBD area to catch the spectacular fireworks.

Nonetheless, there were mini fireworks going round in the heartland areas of our tiny island and we managed to catch one near our house 🙂

Photo 9-8-15 8 38 58 pm

Photo 9-8-15 8 38 13 pm

Photo 9-8-15 8 38 22 pm

Hurhur, Thor was there to celebrate National Day too… LOL :p

Photo 9-8-15 8 38 44 pm

This will be the last year the bf and I will be celebrating as legally singles…ahem. Come next National Day, we will be legally known as Mr and Mrs 😛

Lastly, Happy Birthday once again my beloved Singapore! 🙂

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