Halloween Horror Night 4 at Universal Studio Singapore, Sentosa

The month of October is famously known as the month of Halloween. This year I was invited by my friends, together with my bf to visit the Halloween Horror Night 4 at Universal Studio Singapore, Sentosa. I was quite reluctant but the bf said “YOLO” and I was like, “Ya, YOLO, but later I die of heart attack then really live once already.”

For those who don’t know, ‘YOLO’ means ‘You only live once’, which means if you don’t take that step and try, you will never know how it’s gonna feel like.

And for those who have no idea, I’m the kind of person who is very easily startled by minor things. Say for example, there’s some unknown rustle in the bush, I would jump and distant myself from that or like if I see something black-coloured looking on the floor afar and I can’t see clear what that is, I would be like doing the ninja stealth, and try and blend into the walls….

Okay, enough of that being said.

We did not purchase the express tickets because we felt it wasn’t worth it. Our ‘basic’ tickets cost $50. However, my 2 other friends did and they paid an extra $50 top-up. Honestly speaking, there was not much difference only because we went on a Public Holiday (Deepavali). Relatively speaking, one would definitely expect a bigger crowd during the weekends as the next day is not a working day. And yes, you can imagine how zombie-fied I was the next day during work. I slept at 3am :'( God knows how long I will be able to withstand such sleep deprivation!

There are 4 haunted houses and 4 scare zones.

If I recall correctly, visitors are not allowed to snap pictures in the haunted houses. I was holding my bf so tightly and cringing throughout the whole 4 journeys in the haunted houses. 🙁

Nevertheless, here are the pictures…

We managed to secure the mid-area of the crowd but the stage was still kinda far. Me standing at only 1.6m had other guys towering over me. There were 3 super tall guys which reckon their height is around 1.9m+??!! GAWD.

But thankfully, there were platform screens hung in the air which screens live from the stage.

The performance was quite spectacular and there were so many effects and props used…I watched in awe and forgot to snap pictures but managed to video some snippets.

After that, we witnessed several visitors rushing and literally running towards the Haunted Houses. We settled with Jack’s 3-Dementia.

jack haunted

jack haunted 2

If you love colours, Jack’s 3-Dementia may win your heart because its psychedelic appearance and neon effects were quite overwhelming.

Fear factor : 2.5 stars.

Honestly , I had no idea why I wasn’t as afraid as I thought it would be because I’m no fan of clowns, but I was still okay then.

We then proceeded with Jack’s Nightmare Circus.

Photo 22-10-14 8 15 23 pm

Another stunning performance I must say. It was a aerial acrobatics show and there 3 parts to the show.

Photo 22-10-14 8 40 01 pm

Photo 22-10-14 8 40 12 pm

Photo 22-10-14 8 48 22 pm

I missed snapping pictures of the 1st performance. The performer seemed to have randomly picked a guest from the crowd but we later learnt that it was all ‘staged’. The 1st performer was a contortionist and as he was contorting his body, I was so afraid that his jeans would split because he was really dressed casually like one of us (visitors). HAHAHA!

Then came the cool duo pair who showed us some of their superb tricks and skills with their skates. The more dangerous the acts are, the more gasps were heard among the crowds and expectedly, the louder the claps were!

Just take a look at their videos!

Lastly, it was a performance by “animal”. I’ve inserted inverted commas because that was his stage nick. He showcased his appalling act by using sharp objects as illustrated in the videos below.

Photo 22-10-14 8 56 00 pm

I can never imagine myself doing all these…and kids, please NEVER EVER try this at home!

After being swept off our feet by the performance, we proceeded to Jing’s Revenge.


Some said this was the scariest but to me, the scare-o-meter just kept increasing by the minute. Not sure if it was because my heart was weakening or what 🙁

At this point of time, I was already dreading going the other remaining 2 haunted houses…and I was asking bf if we could skip it 🙁

But we proceeded anyway.

Photo 22-10-14 9 43 20 pm

The next haunted we scared ourselves silly was The Lab.


My god, I tell you. The space inside The Lab was sooooo goddamn small and our bodies had to brush against all the props and the proximity with all those ‘scarers’ were soooo close. But neither the actors nor the visitors are supposed to come in contact with each other. A recent news article which reported that some actors were actually verbally and physically abused which shouldn’t be the case because both parties should be mutually respected.

At this stage, I was already about dieeeeee…but still had to complete the last haunted house which was the ‘Mati Camp’.


At the entrance of the ‘Mati Camp’, a voice recording was playing the lives of army boys which kinda reminded me of ‘Ah Boys to Men’.

Photo 22-10-14 11 32 41 pm

This was the only haunted house that I kept my head all the way down and did not even dared to look up at all…

There were scare zones which we  (unfortunately) combed…LOL


Fear factor : 2.5 stars.

It wasn’t that scary but I was quite pissed with a lady who screamed and ran amok at the end of the area. The ‘zombies’ were merely standing at the exit of the area and were not even scaring anyone. But this lady broke off from her husband/bf and came running back to us and held me and my bf separately. I was really astonished. Her hubs/bf did not even bother to catch hold of her and what is even more ridiculous is that this is a lady trying to hide behind a girl who is so much more smaller in size than her. -.-”


Fear factor : 4 stars.

In order to get to Mati Camp and The Lab, we had to go through the ‘Canyon of the Cursed’ which we actually passed by like what, 3 to 4 times? And still, I get scared each time we pass by there 🙁


Fear factor : 2.5 stars.

There are lesser actors compared to the ‘Canyon of the Cursed’ so it wasn’t that scary. You’d just gotta be alert and keep your eyes wide open to look out for all these actors because they are so well-hidden in the dark and there were constant spur of smoke…….funny thing is, some of the actors even chased the visitors! :O

scary tales

Fear factor : I can’t even recall that we actually visited this area but the bf said we did so….I guess the fear somehow magically erased my memory or something, LOL.

I hope I have provided you some valuable spooky insights into #hhn4.

Have any of you visited #hhn4 too? How was it? Did you enjoy being scared?

Share your experiences with me! 🙂