Gmarket/Qoo10 Shops to BOYCOTT (Part II)!!!

Further to my previous post (Part I), here is another shop on Gmarket/Qoo10 you might wanna consider boycotting. If I were to rank these 2 shops, this 2nd shop is a tad better than PrettyCloset (aka

2. C-Life is the name of the shop.

In the end, I didn’t get a refund from him/her because I can’t be bothered anymore, plus he wanted my PayPal account which I thought was kinda troublesome and I know that there are additional charges involved for PayPal transactions.

So the whole timeline sequence goes like this :

Note, it was my 2nd time buying from this shop because I have had good experience during my 1st purchase. Both orders were on portable chargers for iPhone and the latter purchase was for bf, who also bought an adaptor and pouch on top of the portable charger.

Problems faced : Wrong colour for charger given. Didn’t send out adaptor. Pouch was ok. Cable for portable charge faulty, very loose, can’t charge properly and hence, always gets disconnected.

Already provided him the order number like several times and he still kept asking for it. See the dates.

Shot emails…


Okay, end of story.

I did not provide him my paypal account but after learning that you can actually cancel the order and refund the $ to the buyer via the Qoo10 platform which  PrettyCloset actually told me, perhaps I should do get the person to do that. Or maybe just let the matter rest altogether.

In any case, this C-Life is definitely tad better than PrettyCloset, but both of them are definitely going into my blacklist.

You may also read on the bad reviews on Gmarket, especially on its slow delivery, missing items and faulty items for PrettyCloset and C-Life.

I may just add another shop to my blacklist. Will see how.

Hopefully by pointing them out would do my readers some good.

Update on 28th March 2013 :

I have replied to a comment left on this blog entry regarding irresponsible sellers and I have taken the effort to check back on one of them –  PrettyCloset.

Naturally, reading even more bad reviews from other  buyers who experienced terrible customer service as well as didn’t receive items from this seller didn’t surprise me one bit. Rather, it affirms my stand.

I hope the person who left the comment would read the reviews of others as well before pointing fingers.


  1. Seller says:

    Hi there, I am a seller from Qoo10 and happened to drop by your blog here. I am neither seller of the above mentioned shops. Luckily, I did not encounter such incidents as the % of defect of my items sold are very low. However, I will like to speak from the point of view of a seller. Firstly, what i see in general, you are a fussy and nasty customer who is very difficult to handle. Something you might not know:
    – Order no: without this, we seller unable to track, the best way to contact is not really thru posting like what you did, but email directly to the seller with all the information needed is the more fast and efficient. I do not know how to explain. But the QSM backend system is not as simple as you thinks. It’s kind of complicated.
    – Refund: we took 3 months to understand this function fully and it’s not as simple as you think. There is some penalty and etc is to be done thru the system. – Well, of course, buyers dun care.
    As much as buyers complain sellers and try their best to give them bad review….. like you did….
    As a seller, we also face some nasty and unreasonable buyers… For instant, they made wrong order themselves, but they still accused the seller in very bad manner. Then, after realized they themselves make wrong selection but still want us to exchange for free. Best of all, in a very bossy manner, and some even leave unfair negative feedback on purpose as they failed to get what they want (not seller fault at all)…
    Anyway, just to let you. We also wanna blacklist some buyers. Too bad, there is no such functions….

    Remarks: We dun mean to post this comment here, it is just meant for you, you can delete after read. and hop you can write something fair to sellers.. as many put in very good efforts but not appreciated. One mistake only den buyers make a lot of noises…. Sad…

    • jeangan says:

      I understand that the notion of ‘Customers are always right’ is not true as I have been an online seller myself and faced many nasty customers too. So I totally empathetise with all sellers out there but before you jump the gun, I would first like you to re-read my post as I’ve noticed you have missed out quite a few salient points which your reasoning claimed otherwise.

      Firstly, for order number, you would have seen that I have repeatedly provided my order number (when requested as well as when non-requested) in both situations as I understand that there are too many orders to be tracked and thus provided the order number for easy reference of the seller.

      Secondly, it is not about the refund that I am concerned with, afterall it’s not very expensive. But it is the etiquette that sellers should possess. The bottom-line is RESPONSIBILITY. As evident, it is shown that these sellers are not only irresponsible but rude as well. They do not reply promptly to inquiries and emails and by promptly, I do not mean immediately, neither do I mean within 24 or 48hours. But taking 1 week to reply is totally unacceptable as well as ridiculous!

      Thirdly, on tracking number, buyers opt for registered/courier services for a REASON. That is for security reasons and to be able to track the location of the parcel. If we have opted and PAID for this extra service but do not receive the additional service (which is not very difficult to deliver), then there is no point in opting and what more paying extra for that, right? I was not provided any tracking number despite repeatedly requesting for it but was constantly being ignored. I do not demand sellers to go all out and ensure each and every customer receives their parcel successfully although that would be top-notch service provided but extremely administratively-heavy and time-consuming, but the least sellers can do is to reply to inquiries, especially for those who are checking on the status of the parcel as well as requesting for the tracking number which they paid for.

      Lastly, I do not think that I am a nasty customer, especially since I paid for the item, for the registered postage and waited quite patiently for the arrival of the parcel and was not provided a reasonable method of handling my inquiries as well as my parcel. In addition, I did not make any wrong order/purchase, did not demand for an exchange neither am I requesting for a free gift/order.

      I hope you fully understand my plight and situation here before commenting as it would do good for the both of us 🙂
      And I totally understand that you are stating from the point of a seller’s position but please comprehend my stand-alone case.

      Thanks for commenting and reading! 🙂

      Update as of 28th March 2013 : One of the sellers – prettycloset – has received numerous terrible reviews left on qoo10. You may read them here : which strongly affirms my stand that this particular seller may be a scammer (strong word) after all. 😉

  2. canopy says:

    Yes i agree with you jeangan. Many sellers are irresponsible.. they just want a large profit at the expense of customers.. they dont care about after sales service but just to sell more and more..which doesnt make good business sense in the long run
    i had terrible experiences with 2 sellers on Qoo10
    Orchardlink & Babytoh wardrobe

    Orchardlink – refuse to refund the defective blender they sent me & even sent rude emails scolding me a theft & even threaten to report to the dean of my university which is totally childish & riduculous
    Qoo10 policy is that seller has to pay return postage in event of defective goods & i was nice enough to arrange for a meet up in orchard for an exchange ( so that we can save costs on postage for that heavy machine) but he refused & called me names

    Babytoh – sent me defective dress with a hole. i post it back for an exchange & they resend me another even more defective dress with a larger hole!!>first they doubt me & accuse me of making the hole myself which is WRONG.. & they asked me to send back AGAIN for a refund postage cost $4..which I did & sent back AGAIN but .they refuse to refund me in the end..

    i really wished there was an way to effective boycott sellers with poor customer that all sellers wouild be motivated to provide better service

    • jeangan says:

      Hi Clarine!

      I’m sorry to hear about your terrible experience with online sellers on Qoo10. Yes, I agree that some sellers are really ridiculous. Actually, customer service during and after sale transaction is equally important, together with the quality of the item itself.

      I also relate to Qoo10 not doing much to help out in such situations like these. Sighs, oh wells. But I guess reading reviews on Qoo10 really does help 🙂

  3. Alim says:

    Yet another shop fro Qoo10 with very bad attitude
    I had paid for my item and never delievered, e-products is shop name

    Item not delivered, conveniently update the status in qoo10 as delivered and send a private email to me stating money will be refunded after 90 days
    person called Jasmine will send emails until you chase her to get the amount returned then it all stops need to chase q0010 after that… still my money of SGD 400 left at stake

    FRIENDS BEWARE OF e-PRODUCTS shop in qoo10 this should be blacklisted not to sell stuff in q0010

    • Jean Gan says:

      gosh, so sorry to hear that. such shops should really be boycotted and made known to others!

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