Fuss-free Wedding Preparations with Celovebrate!

As a Bride-to-Be (BTB) myself, the fuss of preparing a wedding event is well-understood. There are several issues need to be taken care of, especially the major ones such as wedding venue, wedding gowns and suits, photographers and videographers. My advice is to settle these major stuffs first before deciding on others and it is best to engage them in advance, especially if your wedding date is a popular date to prevent any disappointment!

Apart from that, as throwing a wedding event in Singapore usually costs a bomb, we should always set a reasonable budget in financing our wedding preps. As it is extremely easy to lax in this area, we should plan with caution and prudence. You wouldn’t want to receive a huge shock at the end of the joyous occasion!


But how do you go about doing this?

Fret not, as most of you are first-timers with no such experience in preparing for a wedding event, feeling lost and overwhelmed by the surmounting things to do is perfectly normal 🙂

Initially, I was pretty overwhelmed and lost myself too as I did not know what are the things to do and where to begin as it seems like there are 1001 things to prepare for just one wedding day! My wedding vendors were carefully sourced by my fiancé and I after reading tonnes and tonnes of review and information online, as well as seek advice from our friends who have already tied the knot. It was pretty time-consuming as the most common way is to shortlist a few wedding vendors, check out their packages and meet up with their sales coordinator to discuss about the perks offered and requirements for the individual ballroom sizes, as well as shortlisting a handful of photographers and videographers which are within our budget and are able to provide us with the style and look we want, and also meeting them up to understand them and their work better.

I must admit, it was not easy from the start (and as a pre-emption, it will not be till D day is over). But we are learning as much as we go along in our wedding preparations and even though it may be tough, wedding couples should enjoy the process of planning together 🙂

However, what if I had told you that there are ways to reduce the time and effort taken to plan for your BIG day? 😉

Now, imagine being served with carefully curated packages which are tailored to your needs, taking care of your wedding venue, bridal outfits, photographers, videographers and even florists! Wouldn’t that be awesome as you are able to save a lot of time and hassle trying to search for each individual vendor one by one separately? That would certainly allow you more time in planning for other aspects!

Celovebrate offers you just that!


Here are the packages they have to offer.

Taking 1 of the packages as an example (Exquisite Tanglin), you would see that as a platform of convenience to all soon-to-wed couples, Celovebrate provides all the essential information you would require before making an informed decision.


By providing some pictures as reference would certainly come in handy for couples in deciding whether they are best suited to their preferences in terms of appearances and styles, and Celovebrate has taken care of that for you!



Checking out the portfolios of photographers and videographers is also of utmost importance so that you are able to gauge the vendor’s skills as well as the style and feel of the pictures/videos.  Some vendors may be more specialised in a particular theme, say for example rustic vintage, and by looking at their portfolios, you will then be able to better assess whether these areas are their true fortes.

If you are uncertain how to go about choosing your wedding photographer, do read my recent blog post whereby I have shared my own experience by providing a comprehensive and detailed guideline 🙂


As Celovebrate understands that in order to enjoy more cost-savings, packages need to provide as many benefits to the wedding couple as possible. Thus, they have also kindly listed down the perks which the wedding venue vendors are able to offer.

You will also recall that in one of my earlier wedding posts, I have also blogged about what are the perks to look out for, so you may want to read it as a guide 🙂

So how does Celovebrate sound to you at this point of time? Seems pretty awesome, right? If you must be wondering how does this work, easy peasy! Just read the below short flow chart in 3 easy steps!


In my opinion, every wedding couple intending to engage a wedding vendor should always meet up with them so as to prevent any potential complications from arising in the near future. Always remember to read the engagement contract thoroughly and carefully to ensure that all the requests which the vendor has agreed to provide you with, are mentioned in the terms and conditions 😉

A wedding affair should always be a joyous occasion, without having to fret over unnecessary issues which could be well-prevented with prudence 😉

With that, I will leave you to explore the benefits which Celovebrate is able to offer! Oh, and before I forget, Celovebrate will also be collaborating with other established wedding vendors so keep your eyes peeled on this one!

All the best for your wedding preps! 😀

Find out more at Celovebrate’s website and their Facebook page for more updates and details!