French Cuisine at Horizon Bistronomy (The Punggol Settlement)

If you have been following my Facebook page and Instagram account, you would have had your eyes on  the recent French cuisine pictures I have been posting.

Horizon Bistronomy, is a cozy French restaurant tucked away at the Punggol area of Singapore. It is the perfect place for those looking to unwind after having a long stressful day at work and for those looking for an affordable French cuisine for that splendid celebration with your loved ones.

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Upon reaching The Punggol Settlement, you will be awed by its fascinating ambience and scenic view. Recalling the conversation I had with the Head Chef of Horizon Bistronomy, Chris Fong, he mentioned that the reason he chose this location was due to this scenic view that it offers. I must say that he did choose the right location because dining with delicious food while having the cool sea breeze gently kissing your skin is simply an unforgettable moment.

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Now, this is the moment we all have been waiting for…THE FOOD!

The Menu :

[Media Event 23 Nov 2014] Horizon Bistronomy Menu

We were very fortunate to be blessed with this opportunity to taste of all these delectable dishes. As you can see, the prices are very affordable for a French cuisine as well as the serene ambience as a companion.

Our first dish was the Chilled Crab Meat Angel Hair :

Photo 23-11-14 7 01 57 pm

Photo 23-11-14 7 06 13 pm

Despite being the first dish, it has swept the feet of many customers as I witnessed their approving looks while waiting for this dish to be finished garnishing before serving.

As seen from the pictures, the crab meats are in chunks and not shredded or flaky kind and they were very juicy and sweet too! This goes to show how Horizon Bistronomy does not scrimp on ingredients and only offers the best for their customers. Oh, and not forgetting how fresh the salmon roes were as each little ball-like roe squirts gently in your mouth with every bite. Salmon roes are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids which help to reduce risk of heart diseases, provide significant therapeutic benefits in treating rheumatoid arthritis, are use to treat major depressive disorders etc.

I must say that because this first dish was flawlessly presented and with its exquisite taste, this attracted us diners to constantly look out for the next dish. This excitement just keeps escalating because every dish never fail to disappoint.

The next starter was Assorted Tomato Salad :

Photo 23-11-14 7 19 16 pm

If you are wondering what those ‘little white balls’ are, the bf and I had the exact same thoughts when we were trying this dish out. We realised it is the burrata cheese! We have never tried this type of cheese before and honestly speaking, I was filled with awe and surprise at the same time because it is just so different from the cheese we consume usually! On top of that, because these burrata cheese were so impeccably prepared, each ‘ball’ was so ‘chewy’ and ‘bouncy’. It really blew me away, so much so that during my next salad diet, I will be sure to add them in!

The bf is not a tomato-fan and truth be told, I loathed tomatoes just as much when I was younger. It was only until recently that I started picking up the habit of consuming tomatoes because of the goodness they are filled with. Of course, not wanting to sound bimbotic, but it is every lady’s dream to have flawless and radiant looking skin and no prizes for guessing the prime reason to my change in taste. Tomatoes are known to contain high amount of collagen which sadly depletes with age. Consequently, they help to smooth out wrinkles and improve overall skin texture. Apart from that, tomatoes are also an excellent source of the strong antioxidant vitamin C and other antioxidants and can help combat the formation of free radicals known to cause cancer. They also aid in lowering blood pressure as well as support heart health.

Every tomato tastes so fresh and the home made red pesto is uniquely one of a kind. You can never find such home made red pesto elsewhere and I like to think of it as the work of a few sprinkle of magical dust to create such tasty sauce! Hee.

Now, here comes the main ‘leads’ – the main course.

We were first served the Horizon Pork 2 Way :

Photo 23-11-14 7 36 23 pm


The sight of this dish does not justify the amount of hard work put together behind the scene in order to create this dish. It may look simple to prepare and cook but I assure you, it is certainly not. The braised pork belly has to be slow braised for a whole 24 hours! The pork tenderloin was prepared so finely that it was so tender and easy to chew. What is so special about this dish is also, if you look carefully, the ‘sauce’…it is actually cauliflower puree! Yes, you read it right. Cauliflower puree!!!

Fret not if you have not come across such word, what more to even have a taste of it, because I was equally baffled as well. Until I had my first taste of it. OHMYGOD…It was so out of the world! The puree tasted very rich in its cauliflower flavour and was reasonably thick and not watery. The grape mustard was also a very good company to the pork. These sauces somehow made it all felt less sinful…

As I am more of a seafood lover, especially Salmon, I was really looking forward to the King of the Sea :

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Both the King Salmon and King Prawn were very fresh and juicy. The former was skillfully grilled so much so that its skin was ideally crispy. Instead of resting on a bed of creamy pesto, Horizon Bistronomy grants diners a different taste by using assorted vegetable ragout. This is extremely accommodating to those who gets sick of cream sauces easily and furnishes a more new refreshing taste.

Desserts are also what many diners with sweet-tooth will look forward to.

We had Citrus White Chocolate Mousse as our first dessert :

Photo 23-11-14 8 43 15 pm

I must admit that this white chocolate mousse was quite sweet but I didn’t mind and couldn’t careless for the amount of calories it contain for a moment because it tasted really yummy! I am very sure those who love desserts will definitely dig this!

The bottom of this chocolate mousse lies a very crispy short crusted pastry which goes very well with the mousse. Always placing customers as priority, Chef Chris has inserted neat droplets of lemon curds and orange creme anglaise which undoubtedly offers yet another revitalising feel, so that customers will not get too overwhelmed by the taste of the mousse. I was all out for the white chocolate soil because I have never tasted anything like that before…I was even more thrilled when I saw the surprise dessert (read below for more info)!

Horizon Bistronomy never fail to surprise and keep us diners constantly at the edge of our seats, literally as I witnessed many bobbing peering heads trying to find out what the next dish was behind the counter.

Fig & Bacon Sabayon was the last dessert on the menu (or so we thought!).

Photo 23-11-14 9 02 36 pm

Photo 23-11-14 9 02 45 pm

I took a second shot at a different angle because I wanted to show you guys how ‘thick’ the bacon was. The bf and I were attempting to deduce the similar taste the bacon had with another common snack we Chinese usually eat and give to our relatives and friends during the Lunar New Year.

Yes, it is none other than ‘Bak Kwa’, a savoury salty-sweet dried meat which we all love to sink our teeth into!

I was telling the bf how different this bacon tastes from the usual thin meager bacon strips served with a classic breakfast dish. It was quite crispy and very rich in flavour! If you think that it is a little strange to have bacon accompanying an ice cream and what more, making its special appearance in a dessert dish…you are not alone! Many diners I’m sure, were as perplexed as us but that perplexity was forgotten and oddity forgiven as soon as they took their first bite.

For all you berries lovers, you can find yourself enjoying some fresh berries such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and even fig!

The other ingredient worth mentioning is the champagne sabayon. Each dip proves the rich essence of champagne and the sincerity of Horizon Bistronomy which does not compromise the quality of their food in order to offer greater affordability. Their food is really undisputedly value for money, I must say!

And here comes the SURPRISE DISH, a Chef’s Special and it is none other than ‘Garden by the Bay‘!

If you are wondering why ‘Garden by the Bay‘?

Photo 23-11-14 9 27 55 pm

This is why!

Isn’t this cute??

It really does look like a pot of soil with little plants growing out which kinda reminds me of a symbol of hope. Remember the white chocolate soil I was totally digging for in the previous dessert White Chocolate Mousse? Now I was tasting a mouthful of Chocolate Soil itself! OHMYGOD.

What lies beneath the layer of Chocolate Soil was a flavourful vanilla mousse coupled by 3 different types of fruits. We managed to guess 2 of the fruits right when Chef Chris teasingly requested for us to make a guess! We couldn’t find out what the 3rd fruit was and was eventually told that they were green apples infused with cranberry juice! All these citrus fruits were carefully chosen because they help equalise and balance out the rich taste and flavour of the vanilla mousse so that customers can fill their taste buds with a fusion of both sweet and sour flavours at the same time! How creative is that!

Photo 23-11-14 9 35 26 pm

Both Chef Chris and Chef Louis are very meticulous and dedicated chefs who put their hearts into piece of their work.

Photo 23-11-14 8 38 20 pm

Photo 23-11-14 8 38 03 pm

What is even more inspiring is that Chef Chris found his passion and calling in life through cooking. He was not your usual student who manage to ace every single subject with a mere flick of the mighty pen. During his schooling days, Chris was labelled as a problematic student and even had to retake his ‘N’ levels and failed his ‘O’ levels. However, Chef Chris was filled with such amazing hope and faith, and even rejected an offer from a art school to try out culinary school instead. From there, Chef Chris found out there his talent actually lies with his newly founded culinary skills. He was able to excel in this path and at the tender age of 26, has successfully founded Horizon Bistronomy, which adequately represents his dream, passion and hope. Chef Chris even managed to work alongside the first 3 star Michelin Chef to be permanently base in Singapore, Bruno Menard from guy savoy Paris and has even participated in World Gourmet Summit and emerged as the top 5 finalist!

Pardon the ‘stiff’ posture while I enjoy having the honour to snap a picture with both Chefs 🙂

Photo 23-11-14 9 49 26 pm

Overall rating :

5 stars


Horizon Bistronomy
Address: 3 Punggol Point Road, #02-04, The Punggol Settlement, S(828694)
Contact: 6702 2855

How to get there?
By Public Transport

 Take Bus 84 from Punggol Bus Interchange and alight at Bus Stop No. 65139 (Punggol Road End) where the bus makes a U Turn.

The bus journey should be only about 5 mins.

By Car / Bike

Exit Punggol Road (Exit 9) on TPE, turn right onto Punggol Road if you are coming from the East (Changi area), or turn left if you are coming from the West (Seletar area).

Drive for about 5 mins up north along Punggol Road, passing by the HDBs and the forested area and you should the seaside. Before the cul-de-sac make a right turn into Punggol Point Road which will lead you to the car park.


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