Food Review – The Garden Slug


Hey all! Managed to try out The Garden Slug few days ago but was down with a very bad sore throat and thus couldn’t consume anything ‘heaty’, except for the fact that I had actually forgotten that Mocha consists of both coffee and chocolate together, which I had ordered.
Caught up with my bestie whom I’ve known since sec sch days and glad our friendship is still going strong! Am also glad that she hasn’t changed that much compared to friends I’ve known, who have changed drastically.

Was really famished and I’d ordered the All Day BIG Breakfast. Here’s a little problem with me. I order like I’ve a gigantic appetite but most of the time, I can’t finish it! I’m quite a small eater, unless I really force myself to gobble everything down… For example, buffet times where I try to finish the food to prevent wastage charges. But mind you, I don’t take what I cannot finish. I’m not that kiasu alright.

But ordering ala carte makes me feel like I can finish everything on my plate which often is the otherwise.

So here’s my BIG bfast meal!

Photo 29-05-2013 01 52 17 PM


The food was served hot and that’s good. Scrambled eggs were a little too watery for my liking. Bread smelled great but I didn’t manage to eat any of it. Tomatoes were the greatest disappointment. I mean they tasted so-so, just a little on the mashy side but the appearance of them, ugh. Too shrivelled up which makes them look not so fresh, no? Sausages were so-so. Hashbrown was frozen food I guess.


My Mocha :

Photo 29-05-2013 01 50 10 PM


Not the usual mocha frappe I get from Starbucks so it was a notch down. It’s a Iced Cafe Mocha so it’s unfair to compare it to a frappe. But anyways, it didn’t taste that good. Sugar water was a little redundant as the coffee was already sweet itself.

Bestie’s meal :

Photo 29-05-2013 01 52 47 PM


Her sausages were exactly like mine. Tried a few small mouths of the mashed potato and didn’t like it. It tasted sweet. Like smashed up baby food puree with carrots.

Bestie ordered the lunch specials which I thought it was quite worth it. Only 15$, or thereabout.

It came with the soup of the day which was Tomato Soup.

Photo 29-05-2013 01 50 18 PM


The tomato soup was extremely ‘rich’ in tomatoes and surprisingly, it was from made from canned soup. It tasted more like bolognese  soup which you have on your pasta. Quite tasty. Worth the try 🙂

Bestie also had longan drink (as shown on the picture background) which I don’t think there’s anything to review about. Heh.

Food-wise is okay, still acceptable. But nothing super tasty.

Customer service wise, I’ve to rant a little. We were served almost immediately after settling down. But when we wanted to order, no staff was looking our way. The problem with the cafe is that there is only outdoor dining. No space for tables and chairs inside the cafe. They have tonnes of other stuffs displayed.  Hence, none of the staff were looking out. We were lazy to head into the cafe to call them either. But eventually, our orders were taken about 5 to 7mins of trying to get their attention?

Bestie helped me to get some salt from them and this time she walked into the cafe to ask for it. Calling for bill took some time as well. I just wished their staff could pay more attention to their customers.

The cafe is located near to many pet shops and clinics. So if you’re a animal lover, it perfects the ambience for you. You may bring your pets along to dine, but no pet food are sold at the cafe. Plus, there’s limited tables and chairs, so gotta bear that in mind if you’re heading down with with a large group. Ideal for small group catchups. It was a cooling weather with slight drizzle so it was hot and stuffy then.

The Garden Slug 
55 Lorong L Telok Kurau,
#01-59/61 Bright Centre,
Singapore 425500

Tel/ Fax:
6346 0504

Open Daily:
Mon – Tues 6pm-10pm
Wed – Thur 10am-10pm
Fri – Sun 9am-10pm
Public Hol 9am-10pm


P.S. this is not a sponsored post.