Food Review : Sun Ray (Pet) Cafe

After dropping by the vet at The Animal Recovery Centre last Saturday, I decided to head down to the nearest pet cafe from the clinic. Google map brought me to Sun Ray (Pet) Cafe. Initially I’d thought it was quite near to the ARC, but then it took quite a while (plus heavy traffic on the expressways!) to get there.

Due to my pathetic memory space, I had actually forgotten that we patronised the cafe previously about 2 to 3 years back. It was only until the hubs mentioned about it, and I remembered. Talking about ageing, sigh. 

Indeed, a pet-friendly cafe (I reckon it’s mostly dogs than other fur babies), it was filled with a handful of dogs. Nevermind the fact that the waiter half-heartedly opened the sliding door without checking if Jingles and I were able to pass through, we settled down nonetheless. It was quite packed so thank goodness that I had made a reservation in advance 🙂

Both the hubs and I were starving and we proceeded to order our food promptly! I was actually more excited to be around so many cute furkids than to savour my first meal of the day in the late evening…HAHA! 😀

We witnessed a cute but super hyperactive (and horny) male poodle who kept going around to terrorise other dogs by trying to hump on the female dogs there.

The disgusting incident

An owner of his Shih Tzus was not paying attention to his dogs and the Poodle was already humping on one of his dogs . Me being me, afraid that something serious might happen (like actual penetration or something lah – I have no idea how dog mating session works anyway lol), I kindly informed that owner and I guess that was when he got more pissed, which I guess must be the reason he forgot that my kindness could very well have deserve basic gratitude like a simple THANK YOU? He had to tell a little girl off – “Can you control your dog?!” 

And his next course of action disgusted me.

While I feel that the Poodle owner should have better controlled his dog…the owner of the Shih Tzus  should not have used his foot (with slipper on somemore, mind you!) to shove the Poodle away. I understand he was most probably annoyed by the constant act by the Poodle, and I would too. But using his foot to gently step onto the head of the Poodle to protect his dogs?


NO WAY, man. I guess he must have maxed out his patience till he had to tell a little girl off.

The Poodle belongs to a family of four and the little girl was just nice walking the Poodle after leashing him on.

Either way, both owners were at fault.

The owner of the Poodle could have better managed his dog since he was causing much scene at the cafe while the Shih Tzu should not have used his foot to shove the dog away, no matter how gentle. Slipper on a dog’s head, really? Imagine if that was done to your own dog, how would you feel? And if you are afraid of using your hand to shove the dog away, for the fear of the dog turning aggressive, why not just carry your own dog away from the poodle? Wouldn’t that be better? And in my opinion, inform the ADULT owner aka the father instead of the poor little daughter, who was dumbfounded at that point of time.


One of the terrorised Shih Tzus, the owner of the Shih Tzu and his stupid foot and the naughty poodle.

Anyway, that aside. Let’s talk about the food there!

The Food Review

Our order took some time to arrive, especially mine! By then I was already dead hungry and starving!

The hubs’ order was served first.

Dora fish and chips for the hubs.

Dora fish and chips for the hubs.

The hubs’ food tasted not bad, he changed the fries to truffle fries by topping up $1.

My big breakfast!

My big breakfast!

Honestly speaking, the big breakfast at Sun Ray Pet Cafe was below my expectations. As a fan of scrambled eggs, I am very particular on how they look and cooked. In this case, by looking at its colour, it has already failed. 🙁

Secondly, it is too watery (seems like a mixture of scrambled and half-boiled runny eggs). Lastly, it is not rich in flavour (maybe because it’s too watery?). The bacon was soft and soggy, I prefer those fried cripsy type. Sauteed mushrooms were kinda overcooked and some were burnt too. But the french toast was great, and only the french toast was great.

As my dog Jingles is visually-impaired, naturally I had to keep her away from other dogs.

photo-10-9-16-3-42-17-pm photo-10-9-16-3-41-56-pm




At Sun Ray Pet Cafe, pets are allowed to run around freely so those who are fearful of them or who has a timid dog may want to take note 🙂

Two minus points of this cafe are that firstly, the waiting time for the food is long and secondly, the big breakfast is nowhere near awesome 🙁

Overall rating :


Sun Ray Cafe

Address: 79 Brighton Crescent, 559218

Phone: 6283 8700


  1. Owner of that Shih Tzu says:

    Trust me, I won’t hesitate to give that damn poodle more than just a gentle nudge

    It’s not the first time that dog was misbehaving

    Before you came, that poodle was terrorizing other dogs at the other end of the room

    • Jean Gan says:

      As mentioned, you could have just bring your dog away from the poodle instead of shoving him away with tour foot and inform the ADULT owner instead of scolding his little daughter. Anyway, my kindness to inform you, I guess, did not even deserve any gratitude from you.

  2. gilbert chee says:

    come to think about it. If you wish to push the naughty dog away but do not want to touch it, lest it bite your hands… natural to use the feet the push it gently away? I was imagining myself in that situation. How to react ? U will want the naughty dog to stop immediately but the dog is still doing it and the owner bo chup… telling is useless. so action has to be taken? at least he didnt yank it away? still thinking how to resolve….

    • Jean Gan says:

      If you don’t wish to use your hand, and using your foot with slipper on is wrong, why not use the other method – just carry your own dog away from the poodle?? And if you want to inform the owner, inform the ADULT owner aka the father, not his little daughter.

    • Jean Gan says:

      Remove the bully by informing the adult owner or use your hand to shove away, not foot. And if both don’t work, carry your own dog away, in your case, remove the innocent kids. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Jake says:

    In my opinion, the owner of the poodle should have leashed his dog long ago. No debate about that. I agree with Gilbert that using the feet to nudge it away gently shouldn’t be an issue. Besides, it’s not as though the other owner kicked the dog. My 2 cents too.

    • Jean Gan says:

      Hmm, would you accept such action by others on your own dog? Because I wouldn’t be even though my dog is the one terrorizing others. I believe other better action (s), as per my previous response, could have been carried out instead. Slipper on a dog’s head…whether gently or not, totally unacceptable, not mentioning about the tonnes of dirt and bacteria on the slipper…?

  4. Verlene says:

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