Food Review – Prata Wala

It was a birthday treat from my colleagues last Thursday as I was on a 1/2 day leave on the actual day last Friday.

We had Indian cuisine at Prata Wala!

My Egg + Cheese + Mushroom prata!

Fish curry

Initially, I wanted to order another prata but thankfully, I’m glad I didn’t because I was stuffed after eating 1!

The floor, with the cheese and egg do make you full! The prata was rectangle in shape though.

It was the 1st to arrive amongst other dishes we ordered and I was quite satisfied with it. Ingredients were quite generous and the texture of the prata was just nice. It was quite fragrant too and hence, explains the ‘charred’ parts. Charred but not too burnt.

As for the fish curry, it was a tad disappointing because there were no extra ingredients. Personally, I would be delighted to find ‘stuffs’ in my prata curry as a customer, rather than just the sauce. Well, don’t you too?

I tried the one on the top right. It contained some nuts, not sure what nuts they were. And it tasted not bad and rather addictive too! 😉

Bryani. This accompanied the dishes set above. I didn’t taste this for the lack of liking towards bryanis.

Chickens and Naan.

Sorry for the poor quality images.

There were 3 types of chickens cooked and marinated differently as shown in this set. The naans as commented by my colleagues were too filling and even had black charred parts. I didn’t taste it because I was already feeling rather full having the prata. But I’d tried the chickens – 1 fried one (orangey red) and another 1 (normal roasted) one. I didn’t dare to try to green coloured one because my colleagues commented that they were quite spicy.

Not too sure what was this and which set does it belong too, but I suppose it’s some curry lookalike sauce for the chickens above, most prolly? Didn’t taste this too.

And a collage to end this off :

Overall rating :


Personally, I am not a huge fan of Indian cuisine or Malay ones due to the different taste compared to Chinese, Italian and Western which my taste buds have already been familiarised and accustomed to. However, Prata Wala is a highly raved place for Indian cuisine so if you are a huge fan, this is certainly 1 outlet you cannot miss! My colleagues who likes Indian cuisine likes going there.

Prata Wala

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