Food Review : Moojaa, Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat

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I was elated when I received an invitation from Shaun, Moojaa‘s Director to head down to their restaurant for food tasting! This is also my first invitation to food tasting and there will be more coming right up 🙂 Glad that there are readers who take note of my food reviews besides the beauty ones. 🙂

Anyway, got my bf to tag along as my plus one to try out the delicious food at Moojaa 🙂


As with the Korea craze in everything Korean, including K-POP and Korean cuisine, Thai BBQ Steamboat has also been up and coming in the food industry, in particular BBQ steamboat!

Here’s a little brief background on Mookata : “Moo Ka Ta”, for the uninitiated, literally means “Pork Skillet” in Thai and refers to the special cooking apparatus created to enjoy both barbecue and hot pot at the same time. A trough of soup sits on a crock of charcoal, and a dome shaped grill is placed on the trough. This allows the smoke from the charcoal to waft up to the grill, perfuming the meats with some seriously fragrant “wok hei” (wok’s breath).

With Moo Ka Ta outlets popping up all over the island – from Katong to Golden Mile (which I have personally tried both), what is it that keeps Singapore’s Thai community coming back to MooJaa for more week on week? At MooJaa, only quality Binchotan Japanese charcoal is served – MooJaa’s owners chose Japanese charcoal after initial tests with gas and locally-obtained generic black charcoal resulted in soot getting into the food and turning it acidic, which is commonly the case at other Moo Ka Ta restaurants.

Based on the picture above, you can see that Moojaa is located in a spacious restaurant with tip-top hygiene quality. The restaurant is well-furnished with ample lights and decorations. There is enough room to cater to everyone’s personal space and needs and they even have private rooms too 🙂

IMG_0213 IMG_0223

The place may naturally be filled with smoke from the BBQ pit but it was still bearable. We were not choking neither were we feeling stuffy, for the restaurant is fully air-conditioned, so it can be said to be well-ventilated. You wouldn’t want to be dining with beads of perspiration on your face and with wet armpits right? Okay, sorry for being gross :p

Another stark difference is that the steamboat wok itself is placed inside an allocated isolated area like an enclosed box but without the cover as shown, like a “hole”.

This is extremely important to people like me who are afraid of the splattering of oil. If you know me well enough, you would know that I cringe at every sizzling sound, for example, hot plates and frying pans/woks. I just cannot stand the sound and the splatters they make. This is also one of the main reason why I’ve not pick up cooking yet 🙁 Another benefit about this position of the steamboat wok is that lesser accidents would occur as compared to a where one is placed on the table with a mere plate supporting it. More often than not, those I have visited with this kind of structure, has a shaky base due to dented plates held as its base and it always seem as if the whole steaming hot steamboat wok is gonna tower and topple all over me. Such idea would not pop up if it wasn’t to ensure customer’s satisfaction. 🙂

Starting out our scrumptious meal…


A cube of pork lard is place at the top of the dome, and it melts into unctuous fatty goodness, adding a great fragrance and crisp to the meats barbecued on the dome.

After approx 5 mins or so, you can see it smokin’ hot :


We were served with juicy fresh Angus beef as shown.


Succulent chicken :




Perfectly fried to its crisp for its fish skin :



Saving the best dish for the last would be the cheesy meatballs!!!


You can see the inside that it’s filled with lots of thick cheese! It’s almost similar to the cheese dips you have for your nachos.

Honestly, I am no fan of meatballs except for IKEA’s Swedish meatballs (which have deteriorated quite a fair bit in its quality recently). But but but, these cheesy meatballs kept me coming back for more (poor bf because I ate most of them =x)!

Let me share a tip which I did with my bf on these cheesy meatballs. Because they are already cooked and can be eaten right away when served, due to the loss of moisture content, the meatballs would “dry” up. Unless you’re telling me that you’re gonna gorge down all 6 meatballs at one go as soon as they are served, nobody in the right mind would do that. Unless and of course if you’re participating in some meatball marathon…

So here’s a simple tip. “Recook” the meatball by placing them into the soup for awhile. This way, you won’t get dried meatballs and most importantly, you get juicy cheese the ooze out with every bite and not in curds. I don’t know about you, but that’s the way I like it. Thick, creamy and “flowy”. 😉


I’m not a “sauce” person so I didn’t try this but bf did and he said it was good! I’m not a “spicy” food too anyway.

So “spicy” people who needs to have sauces to go with in their meals, do take note of these sauces, they are a must-have :

Also, I was never a fan of Thai Iced Tea until I tried Moojaa’s one.


And I finished every drop of it 🙂

And that’s bf happily enjoying his food :

lg lg2

And me! 😀


Photo 23-06-2013 06 32 17 PM


Besides steamboat sets, Moojaa offers delicious ala carte dishes too!

Moojaa, Mookata

25 Keong Saik Road , Singapore 089132

Contact no. : 6536 4780

Facebook Link :

Instagram : #MooJaa  @MooJaa_Mookata

Psst, to avoid disappointment, do make appointments for reservations as they are always full! 🙂