Food Review : Mad Jack @ Simpang Bedok

Had a private date (FINALLY AWAY FROM FRIENDS) with the bf last Saturday after patronising expo. We WALKED from expo to simpang bedok and thank god I was on flats that day.

Settled down at Mad Jack. Not sure if it was me or the aircon, but the place was quite stuffy. Could be due to the fact that we walked a longggg way to get there but the bf said he didn’t feel it’s stuffy/warm, because even after we’ve finished our meals, my body was still burningggg. ODD.

Dinner for 2 + dessert.

Photo 25-05-2013 10 14 13 PM


Bf’s black pepper chicken chop. Was lovingly spoon-fed by bf of some small bites. Pepper was spicy for me. Fries were ok, stole some crispy ones. Peaches were sweet, most prolly tinned ones.

Photo 25-05-2013 10 19 02 PM

My Carbonara pasta. Expected bacon but ham was acceptable too. Wasn’t hungry to begin with but bf savoured this and kept complimenting how tasty it was. There were lesser mushrooms than ham and mushrooms were in thinly sliced strips.

Photo 25-05-2013 10 06 00 PM

Literally root beer + vanilla ice cream. We concluded that it was a waste of money. Could have use bought a tub of vanilla ice cream plus a carton/big bottle of root beer ourselves. Oh wells but anyhoo.

Photo 25-05-2013 10 37 55 PM


I bet this was bf’s FAVOURITE meal out of the 3. He went ‘hmmm hmmmm hmmm’ while savouring every mouth of this. I’m not really a fan of desserts. But this Mad and Rich Double Chocolate Fudge was acceptable, not too bad. But if you’re a chocolate lover, you would lick this clean I’m sure! 🙂

Overall rating :

4 stars

I’d thought rating should be hovering between 3.5-4 stars. Due to the stuffiness and not-s0-hungry moment resulted in 3.5 stars but perhaps with a chiller body temp and hungrier stomach, this place and food could easily deserve a 4 stars! 🙂