Food Review : Hotpot Kingdom @ Marina Bay Sands

My dad is a fan of steamboat and we decided to try out Hotpot Kingdom @ Marina Bay Sands. You know me, google is my best friend and before trying out anything, I will always google to search for more information on it.

Hotpot Kingdom in Marina Bay Sands Singapore Chinese Cuisine

This was what popped up. The bf and I drooled over this picture to be honest, but a little too quick to judge.

We had a private room to ourselves. With dirtied seats, the first impression given was poor. We had to request for the waitress to wipe them clean which she did, but with a wet towel. After which, we still had to request for her to wipe with a dry one so that we may take our seats. Psst, common sense, no?

I brushed this thought aside and somehow, I wanted to give them a second chance, in the hope of having to fill my tummy with yummy food.

But my hopes were all dashed 🙁

Photo 19-4-15 7 23 48 pm

Check out their menu here.

As there were 6 adults, we ordered 2 hot pots.

Photo 19-4-15 7 23 09 pm

Spicy Soup (aka Mala) ($15) and Macanese Pork Bone Soup ($15)

Photo 19-4-15 7 23 17 pm

Herbal Chicken Soup (top) ($25) and La-la Seafood Soup (bottom)($25)

The quality of the ingredients is essential but so is the quality of the soup base. And by that, I mean the flavour and taste.

Unfortunately for us, the soups were not that tasty as we expected. At such steep prices and located at such premium area, it is not without a doubt that customers would hold higher expectations than other dining outlets. Truth be told, when I first tried the Macanese Pork Bone Soup, it was t-a-s-t-e-l-e-s-s.

Yes, totally tasteless, except for the fact that it was spicy.

But that was all. Spicy.

Some of you may say that the aftermath of the soup would taste better after being boiled with the ingredients as the ingredients would give off flavour, however, this was only true to a small extend. The Macanese Pork Bone Soup still remained quite tasteless.

The Herbal Chicken Soup was better although still not as flavourful as I had expected.

The ingredients we ordered :

Photo 19-4-15 7 23 35 pm

Dace Fish Balls

Photo 19-4-15 7 26 05 pm

Fresh Beef Balls

Photo 19-4-15 8 04 10 pm

2nd plate of Fresh Beef Balls

Photo 19-4-15 8 04 41 pm

Fresh Cuttlefish Balls

Photo 19-4-15 7 34 31 pm

Premium Sliced Beef Tendons

Photo 19-4-15 7 32 50 pm Photo 19-4-15 7 32 15 pm Photo 19-4-15 8 04 30 pm Photo 19-4-15 7 35 42 pm Photo 19-4-15 7 37 36 pm

One of their specialties is the home made noodles made from fresh seafood such as prawns, fish and cuttlefish. We ordered 2 fish and 1 prawn but I only managed to capture the prawn one.

Photo 19-4-15 7 34 19 pm

Fresh Prawn Homemade noodle paste

Photo 19-4-15 7 40 06 pm Photo 19-4-15 7 34 43 pm

I don’t know about you, but I thought they looked kinda gross, especially when they are floating around in the soup like this.

Photo 19-4-15 7 32 04 pmPhoto 19-4-15 7 32 29 pm

Of all the dishes, I liked the fresh prawns and dumpling best. I am not a dumpling fan but these were surprisingly good. The handmade meat balls were quite acceptable as well, just not wow enough.

With the recent hype and popularity of Hai Di Lao, I had friends asking me if this was better than HDL. To be honest, I am not a fan of HDL because I think it is expensive and not value for money. Moreover, it is tough trying to fill your tummy proper as compared to settling with a plate of chicken rice, unless you order several dishes at the ala carte prices!

But if I had to choose, I would go for HDL than Hot Pot Kingdom, since the former has tastier soups and the latter is much more expensive.

The total bill amounted to a whooping $340+ for 6 adults!

With such prices, I think you can get better steamboat elsewhere and dine for a couple of times?

Overall rating :

1 star


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    This looks really yummy, especially those chicken balls are so nicely made. 🙂 Anyway, great blog posts. Keep it coming!

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