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Recently, I was invited by the very friendly Chevy to a food tasting event at Gusku Korean Restaurant.  I brought along my sister and my bf as guests, because good things must share right? 😉

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I am not a KPOP lover neither am I an ardent huge fan of Korean food, but there was one dish which surprisingly swept me off my feet even though it was just a simple dish.

You know how they say that less is more? Exactly!

Read more to find out which was it!

First up, we were served with the usual Kim Chi as appetiser.

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Kim Chis are always an awesome appetiser to kick start your feasting mood! This Kim Chi dish was served cold as always and for chili lovers, you’ve got to love this! For those wondering how spicy this kim chi dish is, for me, I will rate my threshold for spicy food as moderate level and I considered this a tad spicy for me. Hence, I only had 2 to 3 pieces.

Next comes the BEST dish I had that night which you all have been keeping your eyes peeled for…

*Drum Rolls………*




It’s none other than…

Fried Chicken Drumsticks.

Okay, now now. I hear your screaming thoughts, asking what’s so special about these drumsticks? It’s just normal fried chicken right?

You’re not entirely wrong.

Photo 28-4-15 7 31 34 pm

Signature Classic, Spicy and Soya drumstick.

These are not merely fried chicken drumsticks and they are not called Guksu’s signature dishes for nothing.

Generally speaking, pictures may most probably not do sufficient justice to food reviews and this is the perfect case whereby the pictures look mediocre but the taste is extremely heaven-like!

This I guarantee you!

I am not a huge fried chicken drumstick fan but these signature chicken drumsticks at Guksu is an absolute MUST-TRY! Even Mr Park, the Manager at Guksu shared with us that these drumsticks are customers’ special request when they dine there. And because they are such mouth-watering goodness, some of them even only walked in to check the availability of the chicken and if they are unavailable, the die-hard fans would leave with disappointment.

Mr Park further shared that these chicken drumsticks had undergone some time to perfect its crisp and flavour. They spent efforts trying to piece out a golden crisp fried chicken without compromising the succulence and moisture of the chicken meat. They had to strike an optimum balance between the two and this is not an east feat.

The crispiness of the chicken is the BEST I have tried so far, if not one of the best. Sinking your teeth into the drumstick never fails to remind you how perfectly the chicken has been fried because of all the intense crunches. I am salivating even while writing this. YUMMEH! 😛

You need to try ALL 3 flavours because they are really THAT awesome!

Mr Park was very hospitable and generous to allow us to try out 3 different types of their famous Jeongol, which is commonly known as your army stew. These are great for 2 to 4 pax diners.

Photo 28-4-15 7 38 46 pm

Haemul Jjim Dak – Seafood flavour (S$45.90) Vegetable broth : Chicken, root vegetables, red chili, glass noodles, flowwer crabs, baby octopus, mussels, Korean special sauce

The Haemul Jjim Dak Seafood flavour is yet another MUST-TRY for chili lovers and/or seafood lovers! This was filled with a whole lot of fresh seafood. The squids were chewy but not difficult to bite and the chicken pieces were succulent too. Not forgetting the sweetness of the flower crabs and the freshness of the prawns!

Photo 28-4-15 8 13 12 pm

Bulgogi Jeongol – Wagyu Beef (S$48.90) Classic Korean Stew : Vegetable broth, sliced wagyu beef, Korean sweet soy sauce, glass noodles, vegetables and mushrooms

The sliced wagyu beef was different than the rest I have tasted thus far. They were very tasty, sweet and succulent. Most importantly, at the end of the day, you will not be suffering from an aching jaw because they were still manageable and easy to chew.

The essence of the wagyu beef also secured the flavour and sweetness as it seeps into the soup. This comforting jeongol will undoubtedly come in handy if you are having a bad day or looking for something to soothe your tummy.

There was also the sliced pork flavour which is similar to the beef one except for the different meats.

At this point of time, having tried all 3 Jeongols, we are really stuffed with exploding bellies!

However, Mr Park wanted to ensure that we had the opportunity to try out their Signature Cocktails which we gladly obliged (Thank you Mr Park!) and proceeded to entertain us with a little performance of his.

Photo 28-4-15 8 19 27 pm

We witnessed the beautiful colour transformations when the flavoured vodkas were added and this was the outcome of the end products.

Photo 28-4-15 8 21 46 pm

Guksu Cocktails (Passionfruit with Lemon, Peach, Raspberry and Blueberry) at S$13.80 each

These are 1 pax servings.

However, the very hospitable Mr Park wanted to allow all the bloggers and guests to have a taste of each of the respective flavour, hence he poured them into individual jugs each.

Photo 28-4-15 8 24 36 pm

And yes, that’s Mr Park.

Photo 28-4-15 8 26 12 pm

Alcoholic lovers, especially those who adore fruity-taste alcoholic drinks, you’d need to try these! The alcohol content is not very high which is suitable for a casual dining session. Furthermore, the mixture of both the fruit juices and flavoured vodka offers a very refreshing after math taste! 😀

As we thought that we were all done for the night, we were pleasantly surprised to have Mr Park going the extra mile to put a smile on our faces by serving us the last dish – DESSERTS!!!

As the saying goes, “There is always another stomach for desserts.

Photo 28-4-15 9 00 10 pm

Chocolate Lava Cake (S$9.90)

With that, you will never go wrong with a simple chocolate lava cake which wobbles and oozes out warm chocolate sauce. YUMSSS.

This Korean restaurant is definitely worth a shot! Especially if you want to avoid overrated or crowded Korean dining places, this is the place to whet your Korean tastebuds at! Plus, it is conveniently located at a centralised area, so no reason to say no! 🙂

Overall rating :

5 stars

Gusku Korean Restaurant
Address : 3 Temasek Boulevard #02-385 Suntec City Mall 
Tel. No. : 6334 7950

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