Food Review : Brunch at Collective Brewers

When my sister and I first heard news of a new cafe which has recently just sprouted around the vicinity of our parents’ house, we were sooo excited and couldn’t wait to try!

Admist our busy schedules, we managed to find time to drop by to dine there 🙂

Do take note that parking may pose a problem as you will have to park along the road.

When we first reached, it was around 1-ish in the afternoon and the merciless sun was was fiercely blazing. There weren’t any available seats left to cater to us, a family of 6 + a little one. My sister requested for them to shift in a 2 tables from the outdoor (they have outdoor seating too) but we did not sit for long as it was still a tad too cramped for us. I felt that the staff was a little reluctant to help us shift the furniture though.

After another group left, we took over their seats and tables which was able to cater all 7.

Photo credits to jiaksimipng.wp

Now, here comes the food part 😛

Being the coffee-addicts, the bf and I ordered each a cuppa.

I ordered Hot Cappuccino while he ordered Hot Mocha.

Photo 17-7-15 1 41 12 pm

We are huge fans of coffee but we do not harbour high expectations. Decent coffee shop ones would easily satisfy us as well.

However, we were a little disappointed with our coffees at Collective Brewery. I think the man was more disappointed than I was because his tasted worse than mine. I wouldn’t say mine sucked but I had expected better, especially since the cafe is well-known for their brewed coffee.

But I do have to admit that the bf’s Hot Mocha was like…one of the borderline worst I have tried? It didn’t taste like how normal mocha should taste and worse thing is, it seem kinda diluted.

And who likes diluted stuffs?

Absolutely NOBODY!

Diluted drinks only reflects something – costs cutting!

In other words, “KIAM SIAP” which means miser.

Next, we ordered truffled mushroom and I must say it tasted quite good! It includes a few assorted kinds of mushrooms but only thing was that, it came later than it should.

This was meant as an appetizer but it only came after our mains were served…

Photo 17-7-15 1 43 29 pm

My Bro-in-Law ordered this sweet potato fries which we thought it may be worth trying something special….

But it was not and we did not finish it…

I wished we had ordered truffle fries though :'(

Photo 17-7-15 1 41 22 pm

Being the boring me and not wanting to succumb to temptation with the pasta (because they are complex carbs which are difficult to digest and are fattening ya know!), I ordered the “Ang Moh Breakfast” which was essentially just a funky name for American Breakfast.

Photo 17-7-15 1 50 59 pm

I chose scrambled eggs over sunny side up because I’m a HUGE scrambled eggs fan! 😀

But this particular scrambled eggs failed me.

It was tasteless and it was not those milky type that I like. I can pardon if it is not milky enough but tasteless? Unforgivable 🙁

And when I first saw the grilled tomatoes, I was in disbelief that they were so charred. I guess the chef must have over-grilled it 🙁

The bacon and mushroom were fine. Chicken bratwurst are not my cup of tea, I would have preferred pork bratwurst if I was given a chance to choose.

Being a small eater, I did not manage to start on the toast 🙁

But the next dish which my bf ordered may most probably be the other reason why I will drop by again, other than the fact that the cafe is located so near my parents’ house.

Photo 17-7-15 1 41 51 pm



Do not underestimate the level of spiciness by its pale colour. I’m telling you it is a trap!

But the spicy level was not too overboard and tasted just right for me.

It costs around $17 which I thought was a tad pricey for a cafe located at such an area…BUT I have to admit that it was good even though I merely tried a few strands of spaghetti (I was struggling with my own main).

My sister ordered mushroom pasta which the little one had the opportunity to try out too!

I didn’t try hers so I’m not able to comment but I didn’t hear any complaints coming from her….so I guess I can pretty much assume it’s okay?

Photo 17-7-15 1 41 37 pm

My mom ordered the “Lup Cheong Pasta” which I thought was very creative of them to create such fusion, in a dire attempt to distinguish themselves from the rest of the hipster cafes.

I think the veggie was chye sim? A little weird combination there but still, tasted quite alright.

My mom did not really fancy it though.

Photo 17-7-15 1 48 09 pm

My dad ordered some chicken/beef sandwich (sorry I can’t remember what type of meat was that!). I did not try his food but I kept hearing my mom commenting that it was too salty….so….hmm.

Photo 17-7-15 1 41 30 pm

My Bro-in-Law ordered some chicken burger. Again, no complaints from him so I guess it tasted pretty decent?

Photo 17-7-15 1 42 01 pm


I guess the verdict’s pretty clear now. If I had a reason to head back, it would be because of the Tom Yam Pasta!

Overall rating :

3 stars


Collective Brewers
301 Changi Road
Singapore 419779

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    Good suggestion. The food looks more yummier with nice decor. I’m interested in the truffle fries as I’m making it at home many times but it doesn’t look good as the picture. I’m eager to come to see and enjoy this dish.

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