First Consultation at Halley Medical Aesthetics with Dr Terence Tan

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I did not use to suffer from acne problems unless it was nearing ​that time of the month​, which is a common sight for most women. However, due to work stress and having to juggle between wedding preparations and house renovation matters, stubborn and persistent acne have been popping up every now and then. ☹

Nobody likes blemishes on their face and I am no exception. Hence, I was pretty affected by the acne so much so that I had taken the matter into my own hands which has now resulted in unsightly scars ☹

I also urgently wanted to eradicate them as my pre-­wedding photo shoot was just around the corner! This means that I had to solve this problem in a quickest and shortest time possible as skin cells require about a month to regenerate. I need to have a flawless skin before my pre-­wedding photo shoot! :O

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If you have been following me on Instagram and Facebook, you would have known that I had dropped by ​Halley Medical Aesthetics​ recently to solve my acne problem as well as to consult the doctor on my huge birthmark on my left inner thigh.

I confided in Dr Terence Tan from Halley Medical Aesthetics with regards to my skin concerns and Dr Tan’s professional medical advice was to inject Intralesional Steroid injection at the target spots on my chin. Located at 248 River Valley, the clinic is so accessible!

Dr Tan assessed the acne condition before proceeding with the treatment.



Next, with regards to my huge birthmark patch, some of my readers who have been following me for some time would have known that I had previously sought treatment but to no avail. Honestly speaking, I have received many comments that I should not be that bothered by it because it is not that visible.

Truth be told, it is!

The birthmark is extremely visible when I am wearing shorts or an above­knee length dress or skirt. I get weird stares from strangers because of this birthmark. And you guys may have zero idea but since young, I have been extremely self­conscious about it – not daring to wear swim suit and shorts – even up to now. Gah, can you imagine? Not being able to wear shorts in peace? Especially when shorts are like a staple outfit for such a hot and humid country like ours? ☹

Now, don’t tell me to embrace my flaws because to me, if I have the opportunity to eradicate this ‘flaw’ (well, it is a flaw to me), then I don’t see why I should not go ahead with it. Although I appreciate your concerns, try placing yourself in my shoes ☺

Would you be as affected as me? And would you seek ways to remove the birthmark so that you are able to wear shorts confidently?

After pouring out my ‘grievances’ to Dr Tan, he proceeded to assess my birthmark condition and recommended that I should start off with a birthmark removal method via laser using a Spectra Q­Switched laser by Lutronic in my next visit! Totally cannot wait! 😀

Stay tuned for my next blog review on the Intralesional Steroid injection and Birthmark laser removal! ☺


Thank you Dr Tan and Halley Medical Aesthetics for going the extra mile in attempting to help me solve my aesthetic concerns! ☺

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