Fashion DIYs!

Back in my younger days, I used to design earrings, necklaces and even customise shoes to sell!

I have always been a fan of arts and crafts and reminisce those days where my mommy would chide me for spending so much time on drawing rather than completing my homework. I have also won some competitions too back in my school days.

Decided to showcase some of my talents (ahem) but can’t find pictures on the accessories which I had handmade but here are some of the customisations and designs for the shoes! 🙂 





The Strawberry Shortcake and Thomas and Friends were special orders for my niece Shannan and nephew Jaden respectively but they have since outgrown them 🙁

Although not perfect, but I had fun and compliments with them! 🙂

I decided to give up on this online business despite the little competition from others because designing is just too time-consuming, which applies across the board generally for online shops. Plus, the efforts and time taken to complete the designs are not justified by their price. 🙁

Well unless you have absolute passion and drive, and most importantly all the time in the world and doing it on a full-time basis, (you’re not working and studying), then I’d say, go for it! 😀

You may view more pictures of my past works here @ Walking0nAir 🙂