Facial Treatment with New York Skin Solutions (Ngee Ann City)

Facial Treatment with New York Skin Solutions (Ngee Ann City)


I am pretty sure that New York Skin Solutions is a well-known facial salon to most of us. Using only 100% botanical ingredients, New York Skin Solutions has earned an excellent reputation in the beauty industry, by helping female and male customers overcome skin problems effectively.

New York offers professional treatments which effectively help to target various skin problems such as:

  • Acne / Scars
  • Pigmentation
  • Freckles
  • Milia Seeds
  • Dark Eye Circles
  • Oily Skin
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Dehydrated Skin
  • Wrinkles and Sagging Skin
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Clogged Pores
  • Blackheads / Whiteheads

I dropped by New York Skin at their Ngee Ann City branch and was rather impressed with the outlook. It was very spacious and clean-looking! 🙂



When one first step into a New York Skin Solution outlet, the well-furnished and calming colours of blue and white somehow help to soothe your mind. The staff was all smiles and my designated, experienced skin consultant is Denise 🙂

I had to fill up a form which inquired more about my skin condition and the problems I think I am suffering from.


Unlike most beauty salons, New York Skin Solutions focuses on targeting your underlying and root of the problems of your skin. Hence, in order to understand what problems your skin is really suffering from, an in-depth professional skin diagnosis will be conducted. This skin diagnosis is highly beneficial because it carefully assesses and identifies the exact causes of skin problems accurately. In this manner, you will also be able to better understand your skin instead of only those problems you think you are facing based on a superficial level.

The machine that New York Skin Solutions uses to access your skin condition reflects problems that are skin deep, into the under layers of the skin which cannot be identified with our naked eye.

Here is a picture of Denise analysing my skin with the machine.




First, she analysed the skin on my hand and then she analysed the skin on my face to show a drastic comparison of the level and quality of collagen. Looking at the top left corner picture, it reflects several intricate ‘diamond-like’ shapes which are actually the collagen structures. Compared to the rest of the other 3 pictures, there is almost close to zero collagen present 🙁

An Analysis of my skin condition

  • Externally dry, internally oily

From the pictures, I was advised that my skin is dry on the outside but oily deep within. This also explains the existence of the oily T-zone areas, which requires me to constantly touch up my make-up. Denise also took the effort to explain that because of my dry skin, the layers of the skin produce sebum.

  • Loss of Collagen

Most importantly, with age, my skin has inevitably loss its elasticity due to the loss of collagen. Collagen is very important in ensuring a smooth and supple skin. It also keeps wrinkles and fine lines at bay. With the loss of collagen, it is difficult for my skin to absorb whatever goodness I apply onto it. I think this makes a lot of sense because even if you purchase expensive and luxurious skin care products, with a skin that is difficult to absorb, it is difficult or highly impossible to witness any improvements. Thus, the first thing to do is to clear your skin and create a better environment for it to thrive and grow well, so that they are able to absorb nutrients better.

From the picture, you are also able to witness the dark eye circles which I have been battling for several years but to no avail.

  • Dark Eye Circles

My dark eye circles first appeared some years back while I was still mugging for exams. After entering the work force, having to face the computer for 7 to 8 hours a day, naturally my eyes would tire out easily. Furthermore, as with most youngsters, I am a night owl and hence, do not get the required amount of sleep.

  • Pimples/Acne

I did not suffer from pimple/acne problems previously, save for when nearing ‘that time of the month’ due to hormonal changes. However, my skin condition has aggravated during these past few months. Whiteheads have been existing and accumulating on my skin for some time, especially on my chin area. Also, I believe that due to work stress and hormonal changes (because of age!), cystic acne has been popping out on my chin as well. It is difficult to get rid of them. Other than oral medication, I have also been using pimple creams, tea tree oil and even resort to squeezing them, however to no avail. Worse thing is, picking and squeezing them have left unsightly scars L Inevitably, this has somewhat affected my self-esteem and also requires me to constantly conceal them with make-up.

To date, I am still suffering from these above-mentioned skin problems L and because my pre-wedding photoshoot is nearing (and my wedding in 5 months’ time!), I desire a flawless looking skin in the quickest time possible! *crosses fingers tightly*

After analyzing my skin, I was brought to the treatment room. There are several treatment rooms so you need not worry that you will have to wait too long for your turn! 🙂

Before treatment, a selfie! 🙂


Denise first removed my make-up and cleansed my face before starting the treatment.




The next step was to pamper my skin with an Oxygen Mask. This mask is placed onto my face with oxygen blasted on to my skin. This process helps to soften the skin and open up the pores to ready your face for extraction.

Then, Denise proceeded with the extraction of white heads.


She then applied a collagen gel on my skin on one side of my face first.


Then she started showing me the difference the collagen gel makes. The side that was treated with the collagen gel was lifted up and the fine lines under my eye and laughing lines were reduced.


HydroCollagen treatment uses an ultrasound machine to penetrate the collagen gel – which is applied on to the skin. This collagen gel aids in improving skin elasticity firms saggy skin around the cheeks and eye areas.

Denise then applied Honey Mask on my face which helps to hydrate my dry skin.



Lastly, Denise applied a layer of powder mixture paste which hardens into a structured mask after awhile. The contents of the powder mixture depend on individuals’ skin condition and concerns.



After treatment:

My face felt and looked cleaner, and my skin was softer and suppler as well! Denise was gentle throughout the whole treatment process. In addition, I also like how I was pre-informed before she carried out any action, e.g. she will inform me beforehand that she will be applying cooling gel which will be cold or before she extracts my annoying black and white heads out.

New York Skincare regime

I was also provided a set of basic skincare products which are specially customized for my skin type and condition. It is important to note that one should refrain from sharing their skin care (and beauty!) products with another due to hygiene purposes and most importantly, what may be suitable for you may not be suitable for others, due to different skin conditions.


(L to R: Chamomile Cleanser, Gentle Wash, Hydrating Toner, Moisturiser and Sunblock Lotion)

Stay tuned to my reviews on these products! J

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    Hi Jean! This is a great and detailed post! However i am curious about certain matters~
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    Really curious!! Hope to hear from you soon!
    Best regards, Li Ting

  2. shafaq says:

    New York skin solutions has earned an excellent result in the beauty industry, by resolving the skin problem of female and male customers New York offers professional treatments which effectively help to target various skin problems

  3. Victorya says:

    I have been receiving facial treatment from New York Skin Solutions. I had enjoyed the treatment my skin .its pimples free treatment and .i like very much this its remove the block heads and control the dead skin and aslo pimples.its makes face glow and fresh. Don’t need to go New York to get good face treatment, just go to New York Skin Solutions and review your skin.

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