BTO/New House First Door Opening Ritual/Procedure

We collected our keys last week but only opened the doors for the first time today. The date and timing were advised by our geomancer (yes the same one we engaged for our wedding date).

You need to note that there are different rituals/procedures for first door opening of houses and ours should not be taken as a fixed guide. We decided to do a very simple and minimal procedure only which was also advised by our geomancer. We were also told that this procedure stems from superstition and not real feng shui (don’t ask me why but I’m pretty certain he has his reasons and theories to differentiate the two).

What we prepared :-

  1. One whole pineapple fruit
  2. A packet of green beans
  3. Cotton pads
  4. A bottle of water
  5. Empty container
  6. Uncooked rice
  7. Salt

We did not burn any incense though 🙂

Honestly, I was kinda disappointed that the house looks so freaking small! That is why I think one should never confirm their interior designer/contractor before sighting the actual site because you may not know the actual measurement (even though you have the floor plan) and where the electrical points and wall beams are. It would be good to confirm after the measurements are done as well so that you will be able to adjust the measurements and spacings of your renovation items (e.g. tv consoles, wardrobes, cabinets etc). Of course, you can always confirm and then revise your quotations and all thereafter but I loathe doing double work so yup 🙂

Oh, and we aren’t in a rush to move in either so heh 😛 not forgetting we are also busy with our wedding preps! :O

Here are the procedural steps we did for our 1st opening of our house door:-

  1. Before opening the main gate, sprinkle the salt and rice at the main gate and door
  2. Roll the pineapple to the middle of the living room and shout “HUAT AH” to symbolise ushering of wealth and prosperity (our pineapple stopped by itself straightly and exactly in the middle of the living room!)
  3. Sprinkle the salt and rice at every corner of the house, and lastly out of the house. Rice is to represent abundance of food in the future and salt is believed to get rid of spirits and ghosts. It is also believed that these spirits hide in corners of the house, hence people normally throw at the corners. The last burst you will throw out of your house to symbolise getting rid of them out of your house.
  4. Damp the cotton pad using the water in the bottle, place them onto the empty container and sprinkle some green beans and leave it beside the pineapple. It is believed that if the bean sprout, it means lots of offpsring.

Photo 17-10-15, 11 49 38 AM


And we had a little helper that day too! 🙂


We opened all the windows for some air ventilation but don’t forget to close all of them before leaving!

As we were pressed for time, we decided to check for defects another time. Anyway, we have informed the Building Service Centre of the deferment to notify the defects. You would recall that you are required to notify any defects within 7 days from the receipt of house keys or before any renovation works commence. To avoid any liability on the part of BSC, to notify them before renovation is more important.

However, by speaking to the BSC officer, I was told that informing them that you cannot meet the 7-day deadline is equally important as well and any deferment should be made known to them accordingly. Do note that you are only allowed to move in and commence renovation after the deferment date, for example, if you defer to end of Nov, you will need to check for defects and inform the BSC accordingly and after they have been rectified, then only will you be allowed to move in and/or renovate. Your house has to be empty, i.e. no furniture inside the house, before the deferment deadline.

Hope this helps those who are looking for a very simple procedure 🙂

Stay tuned for my update on the checking of defects!


  1. Yuan says:

    Hello Jean, may I ask what did you do with the sprinkled salt and rice inside the house? Do you leave it there or sweep/throw or vacuum? Thank you

    • Jean Gan says:

      Hi there, we left it there for at least 3 days and then swept using a small dust pan and threw it away. I know there is some saying against sweeping the floor because you would be sweeping your luck away…but that didn’t cross our mind at that time. 🙂

  2. Baolingz says:

    Hi, may I check did u enter your house within the 3days? Or we can only enter after 3days from the door opening ceremony?

    • Jean Gan says:

      Hi there, we got an auspicious date and time from our geomancer to open the door and did the procedures on the same day. 🙂

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