Blog Anniversary Giveaway Contest!

You know how they always say time flies? Yeah, that is true….

In the blink of an eye, it has been 3 years since I have officially blogged. Of course, unofficial would mean more than a decade ago when everyone had their first experience with an online diary.

Then I started blogging again 3 years back to share my reviews with everyone who was interested.

Some months later, I decided to join My Fat Pocket as their Beauty Writer and then later on, as their Resident Blogger. Currently, I am not under any social media agency.

Hitting my 3rd year is yet another milestone in my blogging journey (I wouldn’t say ‘career’) and I have received many opportunities to work with several people as well as to learn more about certain topics.  I even got to pick up some interesting marketing tips along the way!

Though I must admit that I have, without a choice, turned down most of the event invitations due to work commitments, I am nevertheless grateful for these opportunities.

I am also thankful to have met understanding clients who empathise with me on my busy work schedule, so much so that they have always allowed me to set my own comfortable deadlines, which I have always honoured. Receiving positive feedback from clients is a priceless reward because when clients are happy, you know your efforts have been paid off! 🙂

Of course, I would not consider myself as someone big in the blogosphere but with a handful of you my readers, especially those returning ones, I cannot thank you more! 😀

To share my joy and gratitude towards your utmost support, I am giving away 2 PAIRS OF TICKETS TO CATCH AN EXCLUSIVE ONE-NIGHT ONLY LIVE SHOWCASE FEATURING OUR LOCAL TALENT – TANYA CHUA!!!

Catch her promotional video here :


How to participate? 

Psst, you DON’T have to sign up and subscribe to AMPed to win, just follow these simple steps will do :


1. ‘Like’ AMPed’s Facebook page (

2. ‘Like’ my Facebook page too! (

3. Complete this question ‘Which year is my blog celebrating its anniversary?’ and state your answer in the comment box of this Facebook post

4. ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ this Facebook post and you’re done! 🙂

*Giveaway contest will end on 3rd July at 12PM and 2 lucky winners will be randomly picked and announced on my Facebook page!

Edited : Giveaway contest will end on 2nd July at 8pm due to collection time issue. 

*Collection of tickets will be advised thereafter.


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