Bio-essence Bird’s Nest + Peptides (Plumping Capsule Essence and Essence-in-Cream)

I’m pretty sure you have heard how bird’s nest is one of the luxurious beauty food one can ever have because of all its benefits! Bird’s nest help to firm up the skin and reduce any sign of wrinkles, maintaining youthfulness and because it is rich in its epidermal growth factor(EGF), this greatly assists in the repairing of skin and tissue! I find the last benefit very important because when you age, your skin ages with you due to a slower repairing process and skin cell renewal, which also explains why your skin now takes a longer time to heal from an acne or a wound. With my cystic acne popping on my chin more often than ever now, there is no prize for guessing why I have to pay more attention to beauty products which help to hasten the skin repairing process.

Bio-essence Bird’s Nest + Peptides


Bird’s Nest + Peptides is an upgraded and improved version of Bio-essence previous Bird Nest beauty product series which now contain highly luxurious ingredients of  Bird’s Nest Extract, Bio-Whitening Peptides and Collagen Capsules!

What are Peptides some of you may ask?


Peptides are molecular links of amino acids that prompts your skin for self-renewal and repair. In particular, Bio-Whitening Peptides is made up of a chain of 9 amino acids. Applying Bio-Whitening Peptides directly to your skin signals your skin into thinking that it has enough melanin and stops further production of pigmentation. It is an effective skin brightener that reverses the appearance of dull, lifeless skin to deliver fairer and brighter skin!

Oh, then what about Collagen Capsules?

These capsules contain concentrated collagen essence that helps to firm and hydrate skin. Upon breakage of the capsules, rich collagen is released and absorbed into the skin, keeping it plump, tender and youthful.


The usual daily skin regime which you should strictly adhere to is 1. cleanse your face, 2. apply toner, 3. apply essence and lastly, 4. moisturise your skin.

Today, I will be sharing with you more on the 3rd and 4th step using Bio-essence Bird’s Nest + Peptides Plumping Capsule Essence and Bi0-essence Bird’s Nest + Peptides Essence-in-cream! 🙂

New features of the products :-

  • Are rich in collagen which instantly helps to plump up the skin, reducing any signs of tiredness
  • Are enriched with nourishing Bird’s Nest Essence which helps to effectively reduce early signs of aging by firming and improving skin elasticity
  • Are upgraded versions which now includes Bio-Whitening Peptides that enhance skin fairness and brightens the skin effectively, on top of maintaining youthfulness
  • Greatly helps to moisturize skin to quickly reduce any fine lines and improve skin texture, making it smooth and bouncy and prevents your skin from drying out

Bio-essence Bird’s Nest + Peptides Plumping Capsule Essence 




It contains a nozzle which I really prefer because you will only require approx. 2 pumps for your face for each application! It is also more hygienic and fuss-free!



It is light on the skin and does not leave any sticky-feel!

Bi0-essence Bird’s Nest + Peptides Essence-in-cream




It is sealed tightly to ensure freshness and hygiene of the product 🙂


Because using your fingers may not be the best idea if terms of hygiene, especially when all the goo are stuck under your nails which may most probably contain loads of bacteria and germs, Bio-essence has thoughtfully included a spatula for application!



Cream-based are always more rich in its ingredients and although it is thicker than essence, it is beneficial for those suffering from dry skin like me. Your skin requires additional hydration and moisturisation and this little container will do the trick! 😉

The best thing is, you don’t have to break your bank to get them!

Get the Plumping Capsule Essence at only $33.90 (15% off) and the Essence-in-cream at only $31.35 (15% off)!


What’s more is that if you purchase these 2 items from Watsons now till 7th Oct 2015, you will receive a FREE Yu Xiang Yan Rock Sugar Bird’s Nest 150ml (worth $18) at selected Watsons stores!

Hurry while stocks last!

Thank you Bio-essence, now I can have a youthful, radiant and brighter-looking skin! 🙂