[Beauty] Spectra Pigment Laser for Freckles Removal with Nu.Reflections

Those who have not been religiously smacking on sunblock, especially on your faces, I urge you to do so starting from today.

I have had these freckles for the looonngggeessst time ever since I was what, primary school?

It never bothered me until recently and so I decided to do something about them with Nu.Reflections.

Photo 8-10-14 7 16 08 pm
Reception front
Photo 8-10-14 7 15 48 pm
Waiting area
Photo 8-10-14 7 14 57 pm
Waiting area with interesting fish aquarium coffee table
Photo 8-10-14 7 15 21 pm
Accreditation of Dr. Ivan Tan and the Clinic


Stepping into Nu.Reflections for the first step would leave a good impression on the minds of most customers as the reception area was found to be neat and tidy. The whole clinic was very well-furnished as well. Most importantly, the staff were very friendly and warm. While waiting for my turn, the staff were chatting happily with one of their customers who was also waiting for her turn to visit Dr Tan. The staff makes customers feel relaxed and cozy, which is what most customers would want to feel and expect when going for their treatments.

As I wanted to achieve a more flawless-looking face, I opted to remove my freckles via a laser treatment known as Spectra Pigment Laser.

This highly versatile treatment is used to treat a variety of pigmentation disorders such as freckles and sun spots, melasma and aged spots. This treatment can also effectively treats uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and gives the skin an overall rejuvenated appearance. Our pigment laser treatment pricing starts from S$250 per session.

Before the treatment, it is recommended to apply numbing cream to reduce and minimize any pain or discomfort. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the effect of numbing cream to take place.

Photo 8-10-14 7 33 53 pm

During the treatment, I did not feel any single bit of pain at all. I was quite afraid that it may hurt because the skin on your face is more delicate than anywhere else on your body, despite my high tolerance of pain.

But boy, I was really surprised that it was a painless session!

Please note that the freckles would turn darker, hence you may most probably need to conceal them or wear a mask. For me, I chose the former and went ahead to work. It would then start to itch (try not to scratch or pick them as it may result to scarring!) and then scab later on.

This is my before-after picture, with post 1 and 2 weeks after the treatment 🙂

freckles - before n after

*Photos are unedited and contains no filters.

With that, I am now one step closer to achieving flawless skin and you can too with Nu.Reflections ! 😀

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