Beauty Reviews – Sasatine Aloe & Olive Mask and SkinBiotics

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Remember I blogged about trying out Skinbotics just about a week or so ago?

10 days into trying it out, I have to say that I am utterly disappointed in it.

Despite the ravings which you would come across by googling, I might just be the first to rant about it.

I wouldn’t say that Reactiv 01 doesn’t prove itself to be effective in terms of lightening your skin and to promote better skin complexion and radiance, but ever since I’ve been consuming it, I have had breakouts.

Why am I 99.9999% sure that the breakouts were/are caused by Skinbotics?

  1. I know I have done up an entry post about face mapping with regards to the acne locations on your face and its meaning, and I have experienced breakouts at zone 2 (in between my brows), zone 9 (on my right cheek) and zone 12 (on my chin) and not really zone 7 (nose – but inside my nostrils!). 
  2. I may be blessed with quite a good skin complexion and with the understanding of my own skin, I do know that I don’t breakout except when it’s nearing that time of the month due to hormonal changes.
  3. I have not used ‘new’ products which might attribute to this cause.
  4. I do not have sensitive skin or any known skin allergy, so I don’t usually breakout when experimenting with new products.
  5. I have been breaking out ever since the consumption of Skinbotics.
  6. It might due to stress, I will not rule out this factor since my exams are just next month and I’m cramping for it. But usually, I do not breakout consistently even when under stress.
  7. I will try and see if it’s really the cause by stopping my consumption for the time being. But it might not be 100% accurate because the time of the month is nearing (P*Log reminded me) and I’m still quite stressed out by exams. This also explains that I am only 99.9999% certain that the breakouts were caused by Skinbotics Reactiv 01.


Because I was breaking out and still am, I’ve decided to cast aside my laziness and slap a mask on it. Because Aloe Vera has soothing and calming properties on red skin, I decided to slap on any Aloe vera mask I could find at home. This also served as a reminder that I should stock up other brands of aloe vera mask should this current mask from Sasatine not work, because I’ve never trusted house brands.

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Pros :

  • Skin looked brighter instantly
  • Quite well-hydrated
  • Didn’t cause extra oiliness the next morning (I usually wake up to a slightly oily skin the next day)
  • Contained lots of essence to lather and massage on your face and neck after mask removal
  • Might have helped to calm down 1 of my breakouts – but might be due to the pimple cream I applied (I’m using Mentholatum).

Cons :

  • Sheet mask is made of poor quality. Tore it even were mere slight strength. TWICE.

Overall rating :

3 stars

I think it’s still acceptable and since I’m on tight budget (due to overspending on shopping =x) and I still have tons of other masks lying around, I’ll stick to this for the time being when I need to calm my skin down.

*This is not an advertorial.


  1. Cheryl says:

    Thanks for the great review – I definitely will pass on trying Skinbotics – even a small chance of a breakout happening makes it not worth it.

    • jeangan says:

      But it could be that they are ‘detoxing’ ur skin, with purging involved. But effects of radiance and skin lightening is only visible after 8 weeks and I was only given (by MFP) 1 box… but breaking out is really terrible 🙁

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