Beauty Review : Tone and firm your arms with Sensedebelle Signature Body Sculpting Treatment

If there is one body area which I am not satisfied with, it has got to be my flabby arms.

Many has complimented of my slim figure, but little do they know that I am very bothered by how my arms are huge and flabby in relation to my body proportion. But then again, one can never have the best of both worlds so I am always struggling with the size of my arms.

My prayers were answered and Sensedebelle invited me to try out one of their treatment services – Body Sculpting Treatment!

This treatment consists a 4 in 1 Technology ( Cavitation + Multi Polar RF + Soft Laser + Vacuum ).

Some information background on these 4 technology methods.

Ultra sonic cavitation is a concentrated sonic energy targeted at selective areas to burst the fat cells through micro bubbles which breaks the fat cells membranes whereas Multi polar RF will burn and liquefy the fat cells while stimulating collagen for firmer and smoother skin.

The function of the soft laser is then used to dissolve fat cells and while the vacuum therapy helps to drain toxins while improving blood circulation.

Upon reaching Sensedebelle, I was welcomed by its well-furnished cozy looking ambiance.

Photo 3-5-16, 8 52 55 PM

I was brought to one of their treatment rooms and was requested to change into the robe before starting the treatment proper.

Photo 3-5-16, 7 32 13 PM

Prior to the treatment, I was briefed by one of their beauty consultants, Sherry, on the treatment, – how it works and what does it target on.

Sherry first assessed my body areas which I am least satisfied with and because I love wearing sleeveless tops (Singapore is soooo hot!), I decided to treat my arms over the other problematic areas.

Photo 3-5-16, 8 11 42 PM

Before Treatment

I must say that I am pretty ashamed of how flabby my arms are =x

Photo 3-5-16, 7 52 29 PM

Photo 3-5-16, 7 51 27 PM

As you can see, Sherry treated the whole biceps areas of my arm and we also treated the other arm as well.

Throughout the whole session, Sherry and I were chatting casually and I really enjoyed our little private chat session. This is also the reason why the whole 45-mins treatment session seem to fly by so fast! 😛

There is minimal pain involved, something similar to ant bit feel. However, if you are not comfortable with the intensity, you may always inform the beauty consultant and they will adjust it accordingly to suit your preference 🙂

Photo 3-5-16, 8 43 11 PM

After treatment

Generally, all if not most treatments require a few sessions for results to be seen and I must admit that after the session my arms are still flabby.

However, I must highlight that I did see and feel some results on my arms as they feel firmer and my skin feels tighter. Honestly, if you had asked me, I would think that this is already a very good indication of the success rate of the results. 🙂

Don’t believe? Try it yourself! 🙂


Mention my name to enjoy these perks! 

  • A 1 for 1 special on slimming services 
  • 20% OFF menu price for 1st trial facial session
  • Spend S$48 for 2 treatments each (facial including complimentary eye mask and slimming)! 


Email : Enquiries@Sensedebelle.Com

Tel. no.: +65 6734 9919
Address :14 Scotts Road, #02-02 Far East Plaza Singapore 228213

Find them on Facebook for latest updates! 🙂


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