Beauty Review : The Face Shop Mild Papaya Peeling Wash

Hihi! It has been sometime since I have done up a beauty review….which must mean that I am kinda slacking in my skin maintenance and I do admit it. 🙁

However, the recent aggravated skin condition has been alarming and because I was told by my beautician that I should exfoliate my skin regularly (not as if I do not already know this). She also further advised that I should avoid those with micro beads because they are too harsh on my skin, hence I decided to search for a suitable exfoliator which is gentle on dry and sensitive skin. Recently, my dear friend introduced me this Papaya Peeling Wash by The Face Shop which I read up further on its reviews by other users, and was totally convinced to get one myself too!

I got it from The Face Shop at Bedok Mall for S$15.90 and was told by the sales assistant that they are currently having a 10% off the second item of the same range. I was tempted to get another bottle but I thought that I should first try out before committing. You know how unpredictable and subjective skin care products are.

Also, this peeling wash reminds me of Cure Natural Aqua Gel which I once tried but end up not utilising it completely. It even costs me $39.90 which I thought is rather expensive! So for those who are looking for cheaper alternative, this papaya peeling wash would come in handy! 😀

So here is my review!

Photo 18-6-15 12 04 48 am

Photo 18-6-15 12 05 14 am

How to use : Cleanse your face as per normal and dry your face with a towel. Ensure your skin is dry before using the peeling wash as it does not work on moist skin. Pump about 2 times of a 5 cent coin-size of the gel onto your 2 finger tips. Gently apply and spread onto your face by going in small circular motions in upwards direction, similar to how you apply your moisturiser as well.

Photo 18-6-15 12 05 33 am

You will slowly see how the gel gently exfoliates and results in white residues which are actually your dead skin cells.

After massaging for 30 seconds, wash off completely.

Photo 17-6-15 9 56 55 pm

I am actually quite glad to see my own lashes curled upwards naturally despite their annoying short length…hehe 😛

For results-comparison, here are the before and after pictures for easy reference 🙂

Before                                                                    After

compare 1

Although this Papaya Peeling Wash caters to sensitive and/or dry skin, I experienced some redness and tingling feeling on my skin. Of course, it does nothing to the open pores since it is just a gentle exfoliator.

compare 2

You can see that I had some dry peeling and flaking skin near my brows and exfoliating them away was awesome 🙂 Pores, especially those clogged pores with black and white heads remain significantly the same.

compare 3

Mild redness on my upper cheeks and flaking skin near my lips are gone. Black and whiteheads on nose remain the same, so are my open pores.

compare 4

Flaking skin around my lips and lower cheeks are gone and mildly aggravated that annoying pimple on my cheek, causing some mild redness. Blackheads on nose remain the same. However, those little uneven bumps on the cheek seems to have slight improvement after wash.

Pros :

  • Slight improvement on uneven bumps
  • Skin feels smoother
  • Aids in removing black and whiteheads either by squeezing or nose pack
  • Fragrant smell
  • Skin looks brighter

Cons :

  • Does not minimize pores
  • Does not remove black and whiteheads by itself

Jean’s tips : How to maximize its effectiveness?

– Use it before removing black and white heads : It really helps to remove black and white heads easier as the day before, I tried squeezing some stubborn ones from my nose but couldn’t get them out from my pores. However, after using this Papaya Peeling Wash, they could be removed so much easier by squeezing them out. Hence, I strongly believe that a nose pack would do the same trick as well. 

– Use it before putting or applying mask : With the above, I believe the pores are ‘opened’ which explains the ease of removing the black and white heads. Thus, by getting rid of dead skin cells on the surface layer, you are not only allowing the ‘fresher’ skin to enjoy the goodness of the mask essence but also, effectively allowing the essence to better penetrate into the skin layers due to the open pores!

Despite the mild redness and tingling feel, I will be trying it out again next week. It’s recommended to exfoliate your skin once to twice a week, but for sensitive and/or dry skin, I would suggest to just stick with once a week.

Have fun exploring and say hello to brighter skin! 🙂