[Beauty] Origins – Out of Trouble® 10 Minute Mask to Rescue Problem Skin

Although I have mentioned this several times that I am blessed with relatively good complexion, my skin still gets irritated and troubled by stress as well as during that time of the month. 

My current complexion seems to be getting from bad to worst, which I reckon must be due to the increasing stress levels at work. Honestly speaking, my complexion has actually worsened ever since I have started this job which I am into now, for around 7 months. 🙁

However, I am extremely fortunate and excited when Luxola actually contacted me to try out the Origins – Out of Trouble® 10 Minute Mask to Rescue Problem Skin! During that time of the month, my skin tends to be oilier than before and acne may start to pop up if I am unlucky. And now, that unluckiness is what I am currently facing now 🙁

Of course, in hope to ‘salvage’ my worsened skin condition, I tried Origins – Out of Trouble® 10 Minute Mask to Rescue Problem Skin as soon as I received it. I applied it all over my face evenly. You may consider dabbing on those problematic areas which I may also consider doing so in my next attempt.

Jean’s Tip :

I would advise that if you know you are acne-prone especially when nearing that time of the month, it may be more effective to apply once or twice before that time of the month really comes. This may help to clear out your skin, reduce shine and oil and may even prevent any potential acne from popping out!

How the mask looks like :

Photo 10-12-14 10 41 55 pm

When applied and spread out evenly :

Photo 10-12-14 10 42 25 pm

Applied evenly over face :

Photo 29-11-14 12 12 34 am

And here is the result !!!

Before :

Photo 1-12-14 8 40 46 am

Me and my itchy fingers…of course, the ideal situation would be to avoid picking/squeezing your pimples…but I just couldn’t resist! And each time I do that, I risk having scars and/or discolouration…so please don’t ever pick/squeeze them!

After 5 days and 2 applications of the Origins – Out of Trouble® 10 Minute Mask to Rescue Problem Skin :

Photo 9-12-14 8 25 53 am

Before-After comparison :

before after origins

Pros :

  • It helps to dry out pimples and acne
  • Kept my face feel smoother
  • Suitable for those who do not like ‘wet’ and ‘dripping’ facial masks, easier to manage, you can still sit upright while masking
  • I actually quite like the medicinal smell

Cons :

  • Some may be quite bothered about its medicinal smell but it does not bother me much
  • May be a little difficult to wipe off, hence requiring some time and effort

Overall rating :

4 stars

Because it did help dry out my pimples, allowing to heal even faster, I’m gonna say you should try it!

Photo 22-11-14 3 03 41 pm 2

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