A New and Interactive Women Forum is Here -SGBABEFORUM.COM

What do you first do before buying a product or engaging a service?

Read reviews of course.

The fastest and easiest way to gather information is to read reviews online. Apart from sharing my own reviews on my blog, I too as a consumer love feeding myself with information on a certain product or service before I actually spend my moolah on them.

I think this very important, although reviews can be subjective as it depends on several variants, by reading up on your own, it provides you some knowledge about it before you purchase it.

There are only a handful of forums which cater specially to ladies and unfortunately, some are not as active anymore and searching for updated information is getting increasingly difficult.


Now, we are fortunate that there is a new up and coming  ‘All-Women’ forum – SGBABEFORUM where you can find many useful tips and reviews relating to beauty, make up, skin care, fashion, food, shopping and there is even one section specially tailored to mummies!!! So for those mummy-to-be, reading up on other mummies’ experience and advices is very important as you can learn a lot from them too!

The layout of the forum page is extremely user-friendly as you are able to view many topic threads at one go!




Hence, it does not require much time and effort to have full-view of the topics!

As you can tell, all these topics are very close to our hearts and relatable to women and I am very certain that there would be at least one topic which catches your attention.

So let’s say you are a beauty-junkie or curious about the current beauty trends that other girls are discussing right now.

Just simply click onto ‘Beauty & Make-up’ and you will be directed to a list of related threads.


At this list, you will see more specific topic discussions relating to beauty and make up.


If you are curious how to effectively conceal your pimples or another or interesting topic which catches your attention, just click on the related topic and you will be fed with useful information as such:




Or perhaps you are just bored and randomly surfing the net, why not try browsing under ‘General Discussion’ and see anything and everything discussed under the sun?


If you prefer interacting privately and on a more discreet basis, SGBABEFORUM actually allows you to do just that!

Simply click onto the user’s avatar picture:


After which, you will be directed to the user’s profile page where you can view the list of recent posts by the user and as indicated by the red arrow, you may also chat with the user privately!


If you find that the user is beneficial in anyway, you may also ‘Follow’ him/her!

A useful tip to navigate while using SGBABEFORUM is to filter what you would prefer to read:


So if you would like to just read on the latest posts, click onto the ‘Recent’ tab and voila! You will be viewing the latest posts in no time!


What’s more, for those busy bees who not have much time to login regularly and are afraid that they might miss out a thread which they have posted a query in, fret not!

On the top right hand corner, all subscribed threads will be notified if there are new posts or if you have been quoted in another user’s post.


With that, you will never have to worry about missing out posts again!

SGBABEFORUM is a one-stop interactive online platform where you can read useful tips as well as share and exchange beneficial information relating to women’s topics with other girls! Of course, you will never know if you would actually hit off with another like-minded girlfriend! Who knows, you girls may even click even better in real life! 😉

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