A fresh new start, well not really… Weebly vs WordPress


Thank you all for your continuous support by visiting my new site! There are many reasons why I had decided to take this step forward by moving on from Weebly to WordPress! Actually, the reasons are quite generic, just google and you’ll know why.

Reasons :

1. WordPress offers better SEO (Search Engine Optimization)!

2. Although Weebly is more user-friendly as in it’s easier as it’s all pre-fixed, you just have to choose and drag the ‘elements’ (text, pictures, text with pictures, videos, dividers, html codes etc) to your desired location, WordPress offers many more ‘Elements’ or what they call it, functions or widgets.

3. Many have ported from Weebly to WordPress. So, just follow suit right? Kidding :p

4. Silly me went to upgrade to the Pro Account for Weebly just so I can monitor the stats but WordPress offers free stats, including referrers, top pages, top posts, totals, followers and shares, clicks and search engine terms…

5. WordPress is more interactive as it allows other wordpress users to follow and read your blog, or even like a particular post! Weebly does not have such functions and it’s more like a lonesome introvert blog host provider. Hence, wordpress reaches out to a larger audience!

6. Customising the blog appearance and layout is so much easier! Weebly does not highlight the portion, e.g. background html codes when you require, but wordpress has got everything organised. Background, header, colours of texts, positions of widgets etc.

7. You need not pay unnecessarily with WordPress, unlike Weebly.

8.  You can create as many blogs as you want with 1 account whereas Weebly limits to I think, 3 blogs. Anything more than that, I think you’ve to pay.

9. WordPress is more popular than Weebly. Some might not have even heard of the latter. Makes sense?

10. Actually, the main reason why I’d switched to WordPress is because of the ‘Follow me’ widget which Weebly has no recognition of. I had to source for a reliable feed burner html code for that and it doesn’t even reflect the number of followers! This is highly impt for a blogger 🙂

So there, WordPress might not be 100% flawless but it’s better than Weebly. Why not take a step closer to perfection, right? 😉

Thank god I’d decided to move now before the number of blog posts increases. Weebly is so selfish that it doesn’t allow you to port over to other blog hosts unlike Blogger, WordPress etc. I had to painstakingly copy and paste ONE POST BY ONE POST, hence you might realise that some of size of the pictures and overall alignments are nowhere near perfection. 🙁

Nevertheless, a huge THANK YOU for your support thus far! 🙂

Lots of xoxo,

Jean 🙂





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