7 useful tips to help you look for Part-time Jobs in Singapore!

With inflation always on the rise and our income not increasing adequately in proportionate (actually it’s just money not enough), as the main reason leading to one searching for part time jobs in Singapore, is not uncommon.

It is also not surprisingly for students to take up part time jobs too, just to gain some experience, make full use of their free time and most importantly to them, earn some extra income on top of their allowances provided by their parents.

Such part time jobs for students are not difficult to search and usually comprise of jobs such as retail assistants, food counter assistants/cashiers and sometimes even temporary desk-bound jobs in offices.

Here are some 7 tips in getting you started while searching for part time jobs Singapore opportunities.

1. Start early

Apart from those already holding a full-time job, students who are searching for part time jobs should always seize every opportunity to learn as much as they can, in various different types of industries and working environment. So kick start your career path early!

2. Be certain of your availability

Placing yourself in the shoes of the employer, availability of employees is always utmost important. This is especially so when the company urgently requires someone to  cover a previously-resigned employee on a temporary basis or one who has taken maternity leave.

3. Build a good resume

This applies to both full-time and part-time jobs where employers have to first rely on those few pieces of papers to decide if you should be worthy of being shortlisted. Never belittle those few papers and words. They are the first to determine your fate.

4. Be resourceful

Gone were the days when one had to search for jobs via newspaper job listings. With our advanced technology and easy access to the internet, searching for part time jobs using key words such as ‘part-time jobs in Singapore’ or ‘part time jobs for students’ would take you to several part time job openings in Singapore.

5. Do not restrict to particular industry/job type

Students should try out everything when they have the opportunity to do so. Never try never know. Try not to judge a particular job shared by others unless you experience it yourself.

6. Be well-prepared for interviews

I have blogged about how to ace that interview previously so do hop over to enjoy some tips by Yours Truly! 😀

7. Forge friendships

Another benefit while getting a part time job is the opportunities you have to meet new people and create new relationships.

Do not forget how important it is to have an expansive connections and networks which may come in handy in the near future! 🙂