7 Important Reasons to Apply for Internships

After having worked for a couple of years now, looking back and reflecting has indeed taught me much. I started this blog not only to share reviews on beauty products, food and well, occasional rants, but I would also love to reach out to those who seek advice from others through gaining an insight of the experiences of others.

I love reading the experiences of others as well because you may never have the same opportunity in that same circumstances as them, hence reading their experiences may also provide you a different learning experience all together as well.

In the past when I was still a student, if someone had asked me for my thoughts on internships, I would thought nothing much about them but perhaps just a mere temporary past time to earn some extra cash during term breaks.

However, after a couple of years of working experience, I realised there are so much more to just earning some moolah.

Here are 7 important reasons to apply for internships :

1. Get out of your comfort zone

There have been many instances which the older generation has criticised the younger generations of being too pampered and shielded in their own comfort zones. Comparing to the past, most of us live comfortably with our necessities in life being well-taken care of by our parents and government.

In essence, the majority of us in Singapore do not have to worry over the adequacy of meals, clothes and a decent roof over our heads.

Getting out of one’s comfort zone is only a matter of time. Even if one does not experience the life of a corporate world out there now, in the near future, it is still inevitable.

So why not experience it earlier so that you will be able to mentally-prepare yourself and have a better foresight of what your new chapter of life may probably be in a couple of years to come? 😉

2. Learn new things

My dad used to instill his lifelong motto in me – “Keep learning to earn a living and NOT keep working to earn a living”. 

If you have heard others saying that school does not teach you how to survive in the corporate world, well this is definitely true.

What you learn in school is only pure knowledge, which sometimes may not even be useful or applicable in your career.

How does a person gain wisdom?


I thought that this was a marvellous formula (taught to me by my dad too) certainly applies to everyone’s lives.

So should any learning opportunity comes your way, be sure to grab hold of them. Otherwise, as the saying goes…

So quick, start building doors for your Singapore internship opportunities! 😀

3. Expand social circle and build good rapport

Even if you are just an intern, such internships also allow you to expand your social circle. You will meet like-minded peers whom you may stay in touch as friends and fellow colleagues and bosses, all of which you should always bear in mind to stay humble, helpful and build good rapports with them.

Knowing more people is always a good thing because it is a known-fact that sometimes you will require relationships and connections to get something completed. Before I started working, I never believed in this but the corporate world has opened up my eyes a lot. Sometimes, reliance on others for help is inevitable.

Who knows, you may even need their assistance in the near future as well! 😉

4. A valuable insight to the industry

Apart from gaining experience in the working life, internships which may be related to your course of study would also provide a very useful and valuable insight to the industry you may have planned to enter once you graduate.

Say for example, if you are currently studying law in university, would you be taught of the workings of the legal industry? Or how lawyers may seem to portray as holding one of the glamorous jobs through the eyes of the media but are actually just mere workers slogging their asses off till late in the nights with limited social life?

Or perhaps you have heard how about a sales personnel are able to bring back a bigger portion of the pie compared to other professions but little would you know how many rejections and scoldings they may have to face from customers before being able to earn that amount? And how humble, down-to-earth and thick their skins have got to be before they can finally close a deal?

5. Boost your resume 

Apart from academic qualifications and co-curricular activities, what factors do employers tend to look out for?

Internship experience and at which company you have interned before.

This is especially so in the Singapore context with regards to internships in Singapore.

Take for example, both job applicants have similar academic qualifications and both have held leadership roles back in school, so what distinguishes them on paper? Would the employer favour applicant A who has zero internship experience or perhaps interned at a smaller and less-known company or applicant B who has not only outstanding academic performance but has worked with top established companies?

Of course, what I am saying is not every employer would handle this situation in the same fashion but the establishment of a company would definitely provide a considerable weightage in employers’ decision-making.

Go figure.

6. Increased opportunity to continue employment after graduation

It is not uncommon for employers to re-employ interns who have once interned with them previously even though it was for a short period of time.

If the intern has performed outstandingly well and is a very likable individual, there should be no reason why would the employer reject a familiar face. Well unless there are some other factors for example, weak academic performance etc, which do not fulfill their expectations.

7. Be financially-independent, even if only for a while

As mentioned above, internships are not merely for earning cash or extra cash (if you are still receiving allowances from your parents) but it can be somewhat a self-satisfaction to earn your own money.

In this way, you may even appreciate your money more and think twice before spending it away unnecessarily.

Phew, with all that being said, have I successfully convinced you on the importance of internships? I hope so! 😛

Now, you must be wondering where and how to start looking for one.

Gone were the days where people searched for jobs and internships through newspapers (which always dirty my hands! Bleah!).

With almost everything connected to internet nowadays, searching for suitable internship Singapore opportunities is an easy feat!

I hope you found this post useful and if you do, do share it with your friends and families! 🙂


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