Food Review : Sun Ray (Pet) Cafe

After dropping by the vet at The Animal Recovery Centre last Saturday, I decided to head down to the nearest pet cafe from the clinic. Google map brought me to Sun Ray (Pet) Cafe. Initially I’d thought it was quite near to the ARC, but then it took quite a while (plus heavy traffic on the expressways!) to get there.

Due to my pathetic memory space, I had actually forgotten that we patronised the cafe previously about 2 to 3 years back. It was only until the hubs mentioned about it, and I remembered. Talking about ageing, sigh. 

Indeed, a pet-friendly cafe (I reckon it’s mostly dogs than other fur babies), it was filled with a handful of dogs. Nevermind the fact that the waiter half-heartedly opened the sliding door without checking if Jingles and I were able to pass through, we settled down nonetheless. It was quite packed so thank goodness that I had made a reservation in advance 🙂

Both the hubs and I were starving and we proceeded to order our food promptly! I was actually more excited to be around so many cute furkids than to savour my first meal of the day in the late evening…HAHA! 😀

We witnessed a cute but super hyperactive (and horny) male poodle who kept going around to terrorise other dogs by trying to hump on the female dogs there.

The disgusting incident

An owner of his Shih Tzus was not paying attention to his dogs and the Poodle was already humping on one of his dogs . Me being me, afraid that something serious might happen (like actual penetration or something lah – I have no idea how dog mating session works anyway lol), I kindly informed that owner and I guess that was when he got more pissed, which I guess must be the reason he forgot that my kindness could very well have deserve basic gratitude like a simple THANK YOU? He had to tell a little girl off – “Can you control your dog?!” 

And his next course of action disgusted me.

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Save on Property Agent Fees with Averspace!

Do you want to save money by not having the need to engage a property agent to buy, sell or rent your property? Then you NEED to know what Averspace has to offer!

Averspace, a mobile app conveniently available at your fingertips, allows you to list your property for sale or lease directly without having to engage any property agent to help you do so! This means you need not pay any agent fee/commission! We all know how that little 1 or 2% can amount to a huge sum because the principal sum of a property is high. Thus, with that cost-savings, you can actually SAVE A LOT which you can use to pamper yourself by going on a well-deserved vacation or treat your loved ones to a special meal 🙂

Start by downloading the mobile app on your phone!

Photo 31-8-16, 2 59 32 PM

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Food Review : Ajoomma Korean Dessert Cafe at Holland Village

If you are a Bingsu lover, you’d need to check out what I am about to introduce to you today! 😀

A very popular korean dessert recently trending is none other than Bingsu, which is a kind of shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings such as chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and Azuki beans.

Recently, I dropped by Ajoomma Korean Dessert Cafe at Holland Village, which is the heart of the nightlife in Singapore, and tried their Bingsu and Waffle Ice Cream!

Photo 13-8-16, 9 38 05 PM

Mango flavour!

Just by looking at it, how can anyone resist such bowl of goodness?!

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X-ray Results of my Spine and Posture Analysis by Natural Healings

Previously, I blogged about how the hubs and I are currently getting our spines adjusted at Natural Healings, as we are suffering from daily aches everyday at our necks, shoulder blades and for me, at my lower back as well.

For the chiropractors to be able to treat your problem areas effective, an X-ray has to be done so that any misalignment of the spine from the norm can be easily identified.

With our X-ray results out, we had our consultation and posture analysis conducted by Dr. Leon from Natural Healings. Dr. Leon has specifically indicated that my lower back’s condition is the worst of all the other areas, and truth be told, I am particularly concerned especially at such young age. I reckon that this must be due to my old sport injury a decade ago, which I had regrettably failed to get it treated. So, please, should you ever injure your back, even if it was a mere sprain, please get it treated ASAP. Otherwise, you would be suffering like me. In fact, I had experienced the consequences many years ago and still, I did not get it treated other than going for irregular visits with a Chinese physician. I ought to be shot, I know. 🙁

These are my X-ray results.

The blue line should be correct position of the spine and as you can tell, mine is kinda way off 🙁 Also, the red lines are squiggly which also should not be the case.

GAN , KIM CHIN JEAN - AP Cervico-Thoracic

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It has been almost 5 months since our wedding and honestly, sometimes I am still in disbelief on the fact that I am already married! HAHA 😛

However, looking back at those days where we scurried during our wedding preparations and eventually, the celebration on our wedding day, it is without a doubt that both the husband and I are extremely grateful for a few groups of people.

So, this is a proper THANK YOU post to them! 🙂

First and foremost, without our families, especially our parents, the husband and I would not exist…HAHA! And we would not have met and got married. Our families have provided us with the much-needed support in our upbringing and well-being, and we know we can never thank them more than enough.

To our entourage, you guys and girls have never failed to wow-ed us with your utmost assistance in helping us with our BIG day! From the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely thank each and everyone of you. From waking up so early, the groomsmen being so spontaneous and sporting during the gatecrash session, the bridesmaids for planning the whole gatecrash session, from helping out during our reception etc. You guys rock! We will always remember your time and effort you guys put in for us 🙂

Lastly, our wedding was also impossible without our awesome wedding vendors.

Labelle Couture Weddings 

Lucas & Jean AD (280)22

Lucas & Jean AD (294)2

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Beauty Review : Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

*This is NOT a sponsored post

So recently, in a desperate attempt of salvaging my skin’s terrible condition, I decided to pamper my skin more by buying more beauty loots. Heh, another perfect excuse 😛

One of the beauty loots I got was the  Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. As more and more comedones are popping out, I decided that I had to get them fixed and since this clay mask claims to minimize and clean up pores, I’d thought why not 😉

Moreover, it has attracted several raves I am keeping my fingers crossed that it would work well on me too 🙂

Photo 8-6-16, 7 30 41 PM

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Shopping Tips and Experience on (淘宝网)

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored/advertorial. All tips are from my own shopping experience on (淘宝网).

If you hadn’t heard about Taobao, where the hell have you been?!


For the benefit of the doubt for those who are really clueless, it’s okay, you will soon be introduced and wow-ed by this very awesome e-Commerce shopping platform whereby you can buy almost anything and everything (except for prohibited items) from none other than…China!

I know I should have done this a looonnnnggggg time ago but I guess I never really got my ass down to do it. But today, I will! I will be sharing with you some of my useful tips and shopping experience on Taobao!

I have been shopping on Taobao since 2008 thereabout which spells about 8 years?! Previously, Taobao did not open to overseas shipping yet and shopping on Taobao was tough because you had to engage a Taobao agent who has a Taobao account and warehouse in China for the goods to be sent to. This was because Taobao’s shopping platform was only restricted to purchases in China, unless you have your own connections as mentioned above.

More costs were involved as you would be required to pay a handling and/or agent fee to the Taobao agent. Sometimes, these agents conduct bulk pre-orders which also means longer waiting time. They would also be the ones liaising with the Taobao sellers directly on your behalf.

Until recently, Taobao decided to open up to global shopping (like finally) which has proved to be a very smart and successful move for them as their revenue and profits skyrocketed thereafter.

However, it may seem intimidating for first-timers, especially since I believe most of our Chinese proficiency is sub-par. Ahem, like Yours Truly. 

BUT, it can be done so not to worry! 🙂

In short, here is what you need to do before you shop away :-

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Thoughtful Tuesdays : Why planning for a kid is not in the pipeline yet

Many people are even more anxious than I am and despite me saying this several times, I still receive urges from others to plan for a kid soon, especially when young (biological clock ticking) and have more energy to handle kids…

Even though I am not obligated to explain myself but let me save the trouble by jotting down whatever considerable factors which play a part in putting family planning aside, so that I can just directly slapped the URL link of this blog post to the person , just so you know.

1. Attempting to ‘enjoy’ the married life first

Frankly speaking, even though we have been together for 8 years , somehow somewhat the married life seems different. We still discover new stuffs and learn more about each other, every other day.

See previous post on married life.

2. My dog Jingles

As much as I hate to receive comments that my dog shouldn’t be the reason that I am not planning for a kid, I guess it also plays a considerable factor.

And I don’t blame my dog of course.

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Our Home : Home Renovation with Elementz Design Part 2

In my previous post, I blogged about the very initial stage of our BTO HDB renovation process where minor renovation works such as piping, tiling false ceilings were done with our ID, Elementz Design.

Today, I will be sharing with you the next progression of our renovation which involves our carpentry! 🙂

As carpentry is the main bulk of work to be done, which also explains the highest costs involved, proper planning to meet your needs and budget is essential. This is also the most demanding stage (and frustrating) because plans will be revised several times via the 3D and detailed drawings. Measurements have to be very accurate and reconfirmed several times before work commences. Also, almost all new Built-to-Order HDB flats are utterly space-constrained, thus maximising space is very important. You do not want to be living in a cluttered home.

Prior to the commencement of carpentry works, the funnest part but also the most problematic part surfaces – Material and Colour selections. We met up with our ID Janice from Elementz Design on several occasions to choose, discuss and finalise our materials and colours selections for our carpentry works, ranging from TV console, Shoe cabinets, Kitchen work tables and cabinets, Clothes wardrobes, settee and so forth.

Photo 23-1-16, 7 50 06 PM

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Thoughtful Tuesdays : The Married Life

Because I guess it’s kind of the norm to ask newlyweds the usual question of ‘How is married life like’ , I thought I’m just gonna put forth my opinions here.


There, I have said it.

It is tough not because the relationship itself has problems per se but it is tough because two individuals are coming together as one, and living under one roof.

So I’d always thought to myself that people are actually asking “How is living together like as a married couple now?”

That should be the correct question. 

Because being married can be, sad to say, a mere change of your marital status, a mere change of your surname, how people address you, how your beneficiaries of your insurance plans are changed to include your spouse, how you suddenly have to pool into another bank account with your spouse jointly and so forth.

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